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We have a total of 9 different slides/pages in our homepage slide. All 9 different pages are there but only 4 thumbnails are showing (the square boxes).
How can we increase the number of thumbnails so they correspond with the number of slides?
If we can’t increase the number then how can we get rid of them? The way that it’s laid out right now is very confusing.
Please let us know.
Thank you,

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Profile photo of Ziven Staff 100280.00 $tone March 23, 2015

Hi Adie,
I need a closer look to detect the root of issue, please PM me url, admin and ftp credentials of your site.
Best Regards,

Profile photo of Sven Lessmann -30.00 $tone March 25, 2015

Hello Adie,
it’s jm.slideshow.css line 73: width: 140px !importent; -4 Pictures
140/4=35 -> Change the width parameter to width: 315px !importent; -9 Pictures.


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