Tabs not revealing all content

Hi guys,

ive got an issue where the full content of the tabs isnt revealed until you click on the right tab then go back to the left 1.

specifically you will see that the bottom item isnt revealed until you navigate back to it.

tried it in all browsers and get the same result

any ideas ?

UPDATE -- ive switched the tabs to activate on hover rather than ‘on click’ in the jm tabs menu and it seems to be behaving better so im guessing its a slightly outdated .js file that may be to blame.

But its just a guess / the issue isnt really a problem now in most browsers.

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I have determined your problem that the tab not revealing all content, it is cut at the bottom of the first tab. However I couldn’t give the best solution if I don’t know your site. Please give us the login information FTP/Admin account to your support ticket TRL-292-60996 in We’ll check for you.


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I have fixed this bug for you by changing this code:

.jm-tabswrap.oganis {
padding: 10px 30px 0 20px !important;



.jm-tabswrap.oganis {
padding: 4px 30px 6px 20px !important;

in skin/frontend/default/default/joomlart/jmtabs/themes/oganis/style.css

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thank you for helping me with this.

the problem now though is that as well as Chrome which had this issue before its now showing up in Safari as well.
all browsers up to date and have cache’s emptied.

any ideas what else could be causing this ?

i have also noticed that the changes have caused a misalignment of the poll and newsletter boxes underneath. these are now bigger and dont line up anymore

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Hi guys.

this issue has now been resolved with the help of Thang but for anyone following it or for future reference its worth noting the following.

in the demo of this template each of the tabs has the same amount of content --

i had different content in the 2 tabs thinking it would automatically adjust to the height but it didnt.
i feel this issue should have been made clear as its often quite difficult to use equal amounts of products in an online store in this way.

as it is i have a workable solution for now. thanks to everyone who helped.


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