URGENT: Product image z-index conflicts with menu z-index

We use medium sized images for products. When you double click on image in product view page image is enlarged. Then if you move image around it goes BEYOND menu (see screenshot 1).

This screenshot is from JoomlArt’s demo.

I tried to mess around with z-index’es in "theme.css" and in some cases image goes ABOVE menu but then main menu goes BEYOND ja-container (see screenshot 2).

Please advise on how can I fix it.

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Profile photo of John Brett 0.00 $tone December 17, 2009

Now I see it…it escaped me in the screenshots.

Definately a z-index issue. Sending it up for a fix.
If you are in a "fix" and need it to quit doing that…you can cause the larger image to remain static by updating the following:

in theme.css -- line 2436


.product-img-box .product-image-zoom img {

That will keep it out of the menu…but it can’t be moved around. A cleaner look that dropping behind the menu.

Hope that works temporarily.

Profile photo of Aleksandr Novik 0.00 $tone December 17, 2009

Problem is I reported this issue two weeks ago directly through support center by ticket but never got any answer. I thought maybe this can be solved faster if I post here.

I tried your fix and have bad and good news:
BAD: It doesn’t change anything. I can still move large image around (incl. under the menu).
GOOD: I started digging in Safari’s debug menu and found that ".product-img-box .product-image-zoom img" has inline attribute position:relative that of course overrides our position:static. Moreover I found that as soon as you move enlarged image additional attribute is added to inline style… z-index:0 !!! I’m 90% sure this is the root of this issue.

Do you have any idea where in code this inline style is composed?

Profile photo of JA Developer 0.00 $tone December 18, 2009

Hi novikdesign

Open skin/frontend/default/jm_seleni/css/theme.css file, at about line 451, find following code section:


#ja-container {

and change to:


#ja-container {

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