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Hello da Ubertheme!
I purchased your bookshop theme a few months ago (jazzyjo is my username). Happy with it, a few small issues, but most of the whole theme is good for me and functional. My question is the following:
I haven’t officially launched this bookshop yet, we still have a lot of work to do. But, after some discussions in my team, we agreed that installing a SSL certificate is essential for the security of our customers. Now, do you think that I will have specific issues installing a SSL certificate with this theme? I have already configured a lot a links, off course I’ll have to change them later on (I guess), but maybe that you guys/girls know some specific things I should be warned/aware of. 
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Thank you for the reply.
Na, sorry, not giving you the credentials of my website… Question is rather easy… Let’s not speak about my website. does the JMbookshop theme support SSL certificates?

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Ya thanks for the answer (already bought your theme, works fine thanks), my only worry was the SSL question… but after investigating all this on the web, it doesn’t really seem problematic, and your theme should support it without any issues. it should be fine. Thanks again for the reply, see ya. ++ jazzyjo. 


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