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I want to edit the Contact us page so i can put in some introductary text and additional information. Also i want to include a Pulldown so you can select the kind of subject they are contacting you about:

General Enquiry
Callback Request

Please can you tell me the file & line of code i need to edit?

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congtq 0.00 $tone August 16, 2010

You can do following instructions:
1. Open app\design\frontend\base\defaulttemplate and copy contacts folder to app\design\frontend\default\jm_rasitetemplate folder
2. Open app\design\frontend\default\jm_rasitetemplate\con tacts\form.phtml file and add this code at where you want to display introductary text and additional information


<div><?php echo $this->getLayout()->createBlock('cms/block')->setBlockId('contact-us')->toHtml() ?></div>

and kind of subject


	<label for="subject"><?php echo Mage::helper('contacts')->__('Subject') ?></label>
	<div class="input-box">
		<select name="subject">
			<option value=""><?php echo Mage::helper('contacts')->__('Select a subject') ?></option>
			<option value="GeneralEnquiry"><?php echo Mage::helper('contacts')->__('General Enquiry') ?></option>
			<option value="CallbackRequest"><?php echo Mage::helper('contacts')->__('Callback Request') ?></option>
			<option value="Feedback"><?php echo Mage::helper('contacts')->__('Feedback') ?></option>				

3. Go to Admin -> CMS -> Static Blocks and Add New Block with Identifier is "contact-us"

rhys_daniels 0.00 $tone September 25, 2010

I have implemented the solution and its great, got 2 more questions regarding the contact form

1. Is it possible to link to the contact form and pass the dropdown option, so it is then applied on the form
e.g.…allbackRequest , will then apply "Callback Request" in the pulldown list.

2. Is it possible to have multiple contact forms if needed in the same contacts folder


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