Error CLogger trying to compile code

Hello, I tried to setup:upgrade and then setup:di:compile but I’m having this error from cli

I saw that there’s CLogger inside UBTHEMETOOL Migration. This is an error that I had some weeks ago, but I didn’t reported yet.
I removed pub/ub-tool and app/code/Ubertheme and now I can compile. Removing only pub/ub-tool is not enought
Any idea?

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Hi there,
I am not quite sure how you did with our tool in your Git repository. To solve the issue you mentioned with setup:di:compile command, you could run the CLI command below: 
rm -rf app/code/Ubertheme/Ubdatamigration/lib
It seems there’s something wrong when you installed our tool. Normally, after installing successfully, such folder will be deleted by our tool automatically. 


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