How do I change the font/apperance of 'price'

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Here’s a picture for reference. I’m talking about the huge red font, and green if it’s a discounted SKU.

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Hi, I have the same problem here, how do I edit the huge red "special price" and the big green " regular price" font? and also for the price of discounted and non-discounted products , how can I change the size to be smaller?

Third thing is how can i add an extra unbold text discription right under the name ( the bold text) of the products? just like the picture below shows. my website url is
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Hi mesuji,

with the firebug add-on installed on firefox you can easy check to see which css element as well as which file you can make changes to change those font-size price texts.
Regarding "text discription right under the name", I am not sure if it’s possible to add text discription there.


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