How to add tabs to product view page

Hi Team,

any body know how to add attribute groups as tabs to product bow page?

I have a attribute group named PACKAGE BOX for group customs attribute fields: weight, height and large. With Magento modern theme can show as tab but with JM Megamall only show into "Additional Information" tab.

I tried some times but all solutions (like…-product-page/) are based on template/catalog/product/view/tabs.phtml file. I found JM Megamall theme use not tabs.html file. This theme process all product collateral info into jm_megamall/template/catalog/product/view.phtml. Then i don’t know how to do.

Any idea please?

Thanks you very much


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Hi Tom,

Thanks you very much but first link is non-dinamyc data. Only for static content.

Next two links are procedures need tabs.html file and this theme use not tabs.html. JM Megamall process product collateral in view.html file building each tabs into the <li> tags with a foreach sentence.

I am trying customize theme for do product collateral proces into tabs.html and not into view.html. I will publish my result to share to all

Thanks you very much


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