How to disable pricing for products

Hello guys!

I have a customer who just dont need to show pricing on hes website products, I am using Mozanis, can some one please tell me how can I hide or remove the Price line on Product details everywhere those show up?


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It can be done.

go to this file : app\design\frontend\default\jm_mozanistemplate\ca talog\product\view.phtml

Remove this code:

PHP Code:

 <?php echo $this->getTierPriceHtml() ?>

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Hello Chavan, for some odd reason, it did not work, but your post took me to this path.

I also try removing the code, but no success.
But I notice there is a file called, proce.phtml, so I renamed like -xxx at the end.. and

Walla!! it did work!

I hope I do not have trouble for remaning this guy latter!

thanks for your help!

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by doing that price.phtml you may not see any price on the system. Hope it works good, if there is any issue on that please let me know

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well yeah… unfortunatelly yeah.

but lucky me my client dont want to see prices at any place! so, Lucky me

some day, hes competition wont be so painful for him, and hes going to ask to have prices back! ๐Ÿ™

that day, I will pray the lord my soul to take, since I am not even ready for sopping cart payment stuff yet!

where do I get a "magento e-commerce and online payments for re-dummies"?

thanks for your help!


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a really short manual or tutorial on how to setup
merchants, where the money goes when customer uses paypal, or their credit card..
how to setup paypal to send money to foreign international banc account..

My sites are for Honduras store owners.. so buyers are mostly, but not necesarly only from around places..
when the customer buys a product, I need to better understand and setup the customer payment process.

how to use paypal, or other payment method so the money goes to my customer "store owner" local banc account.

thanks again!

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Let me Explain flow of Paypal with respective to the Ecommerce websites:

Paypal is Best in Payment Services. You can set up it in your Ecommerce Website.
When the Customers of the website Buy Products they can pay through paypal.
Once paid the Money will be send to your Paypal Account.
Then you can Withdraw the amount to the Local bank.

Adding bank Accounts Paypal:…erLink-outside

All your Question will be answered here: a complete tour for Users.…paypal-outside

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