I can not customize the website ja brisk

I just installed JA BRISK
I can not make any changes to the template ja_brisk,
when I change a file’s modification does not apply on the site
I changed the content of JA Slideshow Lite module and since it no longer appears
PLEASE help me

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chanco 0.00 $tone November 26, 2013

Even on a local server, you still need to check the CHMOD permissions to make sure they are set to where you are able to "write" (i.e. make/apply changes).

Here is a resource that might help you better understand CHMOD permission settings --> http://www.webweaver.nu/html-tips/chmod.shtml

Thank TomC
but I have in the information system, all the statut are green
Attachment 31698

NB : sorry for the mistakes, I’m French

chanco 0.00 $tone November 26, 2013

Here is the configuration of my template, but when I changed the css file nothing applies
Attachment 31700

is that there is no "cache" Should I deactivate, or parametrage to settle for my change can be taken into account?

PS: i use JA Brisk for Joomla 3.x


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