Is it necessary to setup whole project to migrate


My question is is it necessary to setup whole project for M1 to migrate data from M1 to M2.

I mean if i set up only DB for M1 and Whole setup for M2 is it going to work ?

Let me know.

Thanks in advance

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Hi there, 
If you use our UB Data Migration Pro version, you can consider the migration flow below: 
First, you set up a fresh Magento 2 instance and install our UB Data Migration tool.
For the source M1 db, you can either connect directly to your live Magento 1 db or use the option below:
Step 1: Create a new database for Magento 1
Step 2: Create a dump of Magento 1’s database from your live database,
Step 3: Import the dump file to the Magento 1 database, which you have just created.
Step 4: Navigate to your our tool dashboard in your Magento 2 instance, fill in Magento 1 db credentials that you’ve just created.
We have a Lite version in place, however it uses the outdated codebase and comes with limited feature sets. It would save you pretty much of time if you move forward with our Pro version. 
Hope that helps.
Ubertheme team


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