Issue with TAB component! It do not shows all products/four of them when page is load. It shows all products once you refresh page in Google Chrome, Safari etc.

Here is a screenshot of the issue:
it shows like that when you load a page:
on the other hand when you refresh page couple of times, this page/tabs shows all products displayed and it looks like that:
How I can fix that to happen when page is load at the first time?
I tried several setups with JM Tabs as Skip Animation but it didn’t help. Any other suggestion will be helpful.
Thank you,

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Hi brankopilic,
I have added more CSS code in skin/frontend/default/jm_leathercraft/custom.css as bellow:

.jTscrollerContainer{width:100% !important;}

The issue in Google Chrome… as you said was solved.
Have a look & contact me if you need further help.


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