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1. Description
You can choose to display products with specific attributes (Latest, Best Buy, Most Viewed, Most Reviewed, Top Rated..)

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3. Versions & Changlog

Current Version: 1.0 Beta (As of 17th Mar 09)

4. Live demo

5. License & Download

License: You must have JA Magento Template Club Member to download

Download:…?do=cat&id=112(At the moment it is included in JM Mesolite but will be seperated as a standalone download, you can install & use as an independent extension)

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wooohanetworks 0.00 $tone March 17, 2009

It would be nice when same modules, that are to date, not already available for VirtueMart, like the ones except JA VM Productslider / JM Productslider, will be made available for Joomla too.

The VirtueMart system misses a lot of extensions, so I think it would also benefit the Joomla community and VirtueMart users when such interesting modules like now only available for Magento, also would become available for Joomla and VirtueMart, maybe as a part of a new JA eCommerce template following JA Zeolite



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