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Hi Ziven.
Well, we now have a new issue. The “Special Books” slider (left column) is showing the same set of books as the content under each of the “JM Tabs” (position 4, position 5, position 6) .
The tabs all display the same set of books. These were working before you made the JM Products upgrade. I had the set the blocks under these tabs to show content by category using a different “catsid” for the content of each block (4, 5, and 6).
This was my original settings:
position-4: Hot Books
<div class=”home-slider”>{{block type=”joomlart_jmproductsslider/list” name=”home.jmproductsslider” title=”Hot Books” catsid=”63″}}</div>
position-5: Best sellers
<div class=”home-slider”>{{block type=”joomlart_jmproductsslider/list” name=”home.jmproductsslider” title=”Best sellers” castsid=64}}</div>
position-6: Staff Picks
{{block type=”joomlart_jmproductsslider/list” name=”home.jmproductsslider” title=”Staff Picks” catsid=”62″}}
But now these have been changed (I assume by you when you updated the JM Product Slider and config).

Is there something different now as to the syntax of the blocks content, that has changed from the old version of JM Products Slider?
Can you please fix this.
Kind regards

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Hi Paul,
Fixed. I’m only change castsid to -> category_ids and it working fine now.
You can check and let me know if you need help further.
Best Regards,

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Hi Ziven,

Sorry, but it is not fixed. The blocks display the correct categories under each tab, but the Slider does not slide anymore. The row of items is static for each block on each tab.(???)

I noted that for the position 4 block (Hot Books) if I remove the “category_ids” reference in the static block content field, the slider is active. But it does not slide as a carousel. It slides left to right, then when it reaches the end of the items, it scrolls back quickly from right to left in order to begin the sliding of items from left to right again. This is not a carousel motion, as per the demo site.

What I need, is for each block under each tab to display a row of items by category ID (as per my configuration of the previous version that came with the theme when I purchased it), and for the slider to slide as a carousel (as per the demo site). 

Thank you for helping with this.

Kind regards,

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Hi Paul,
About the slider in Position-4 I still see it working fine on my end. Maybe you need clear the cache browsers.  
About demo site. Like I said Because the older version have many issues and we did not upgrade it we build new Extension it names JM ProductSlider V2 and more powerful. That why the vertical slider like this now. About the demo, we still did not re-build but in the demo still older version. We will tell my partner and install the new demo.  
Hope you understand. 
Best Regard,

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Hi Ziven.

I have cleared the cache on all my browsers (Edge, Chrome, Firefox) and tried this on two different computers (Edge and Firefox), and it is still not sliding.

I also asked my work colleague who lives in another city to try it. They have the same issue. Position 4 is static, not sliding.

Perhaps, can you clear your browser cache or try a browser on a different computer and check.

This is definitely not working from our computers here in Australia.


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Hi Ziven.

Don’t worry. I see the issue now. I was expecting a “carousel” motion. We only have the slider set to show 6 books in each category. If I maximise my browser window to full screen, so that all six books fill the row at position 4, then there is no more books to slide along. Hence it is static.

I really preferred the “carousel” motion. Regardless of how many books we have, they should just keep sliding like on the version one of the slider.

Any way of making this Slider do a “carousel” motion?

Kind regards,

Is there some way


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