Logo size won't increase

I have added a new logo and adjust the dimensions in template.css and the logo appears fine. However, since making the logo size bigger, it will not appear bigger on the page. The header area increases, but the logo stays the same…

The logo is currently 468×100 and clearly isn’t displaying that size.


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nicely 0.00 $tone September 10, 2013

Yep, correct. But that isn’t 468×100, the actually size of the logo and specified in template.css. That’s about half that size.

pavit 0.00 $tone September 10, 2013

I think there is something i’m missing

The image loaded inside the logo is this one /templates/ja_university/themes/green/images/logo.png and dimensions are 305×56

While the space for logo loaded is 486×100 --

nicely 0.00 $tone September 10, 2013

You are, of course, correct. In an epic display of muppetry, I forgot the correct image location was in the theme’s image directory…



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