Making the left vertical menu "accordian"

Hi I have been developing a site utilising this template.
The problem I’m haveing is that I have many product categories.
this isn creating an extremely long menu on the left hand side.
Is it possible to make this menu an accordian style menu?

Also on the 3rd level of the menu when you mouse over the menu gets red dots over it instead of changing to grey? Does this mean the image for this level is missing?

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Hi debjy!

Welcome to Joomlart. Hope you enjoy our products and services.

The solution for converting joomlart left navigation to accordion is posted here:…ory-navigation

About the css red dot bug please simply remove this code (about line 6189) in skin/frontend/default/jm_deco/css/theme.css:

#ja-sidenav li li li a:hover,
#ja-sidenav li li li a:focus,
#ja-sidenav li li li a:active,
#ja-sidenav li.selected li li a:hover,
#ja-sidenav li.selected li li a:focus,
#ja-sidenav li.selected li li a:active,
#ja-sidenav li li li a:hover,
#ja-sidenav li li li a:focus,
#ja-sidenav li li li a:active,
#ja-sidenav li li a {
color: #e0e0e0;
background-image: url(../images/bullet1-hover.gif);

Hope this helps you.


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