Merging/migrating multiple M1 instances into M2

We have successfully migrated three of our M1 instances to M2 using your tool. However, the fourth and final migration ideally involves merging another M1 instance into one of the M2 instances.
Some previous comments suggested that this was possible -- however, I’ve got a couple of queries as clearing the tool’s logs and database tables before starting again with the second M1 database has thrown up some errors.

  • In an ideal world, we would only migrate the stores, customers and sales -- is this possible? Both stores have an almost identical catalog, so we would rather assign existing categories and products to the newly migrated stores rather than have duplicate products.
  • I tried to run Step 2, followed by Step 6 -- however, it insisted I ran Step 3 first. I was trying to avoid this as originally, both M1 instances were identical and so I know there will be duplicate attributes.
  • As expected, running Step 3 resulted in duplicate attribute errors, so I am unable to get past migrating the stores.

If necessary, I could migrate everything and go back deleting the surplus categories and products from the second migration. It’s not ideal, but if that’s a possible way to get the customers and sales from our second source instance, I can do that. However, I don’t know how I could do this given Step 3 fails anyway.
Any advice would be much appreciated.

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Hi Steve, 
We’ve just replied to you via email regarding your subscription. Please check and follow up with us there.
Ubertheme team


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