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Here is the case -- we have that magento 1 store that we want to transfer to magento 2. However, there are some custom extensions that have been added and removed through out time and that has left some marks in the database and may be somewhere else. We see that in the new magento 2 version, there is no option to transfer all that custom info without breaking everything. So, we have to delete some of that data before transferring the whole thing. However, we don’t know what exactly we should chop off and what to leave. Our question is, if your plugin provides any assistance in that aspect?
Stefan Dimov

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Hi Stefan Dimov, 
Actually, our UB Data Migration Pro module mainly focuses on migrating core Magento data objects, as noted in our product page here.
We’re not quite sure which data objects associate with your 3rd extensions.
By default, regarding the custom attribute, our migration tool supports core and custom attributes for Product. For customers, we support core system attributes only, the custom fields for sales data is not handled yet. This is partially because such custom fields do not exist in default Magento 2.
For custom data added manually or via third-party extensions, it would be best to leave such custom fields handled by the associated extensions, instead of separately migrating those.
Hope that helps.
Ubertheme team


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