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We need to change the layout of the menu, where do we find the CSS files?

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Hi Henrik, 
We wonder if you have taken a look at our userguide here? It gives you instruction to set up menu layout depending on specific styles that UB Mega Menu supports. 
If you have any difficulty following such guide, please let us know the layout you need to implement, we will follow up further then. 
Ubertheme team

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Hi Henrik,
In order to customize as you wish, you need to copy this file (app\code\Ubertheme\UbMegaMenu\view\frontend\web\css\source\module\_horizontal.less ) to your theme: 

For instance: 
app\design\frontend\PACKAGE_THEME\THEME_NAME\Ubertheme_UbMegaMenu\web\css\source\module\_horizontal.less (An example in our case: app\design\frontend\Ubertheme\trex\Ubertheme_UbMegaMenu\web\css\source\module\_horizontal.less)
Then you modify the file as follows: 

we need to change the max-width of the .ub-mega-menu-wrapper

Open the Less file above and navigate to line 22: app\design\frontend\PACKAGE_THEME\THEME_NAME\Ubertheme_UbMegaMenu\web\css\source\module\_horizontal.less and change the max-width you need.

the default colors to match our theme.

In the same Less file, we use the default variable of Magento 2. So, please search for these two variables to change the color: 


Hope that helps. 
Best Regards,


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