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I am using JM Morganite with the PayPal Standard setting. Checkout does not work properly. There are several others requests for help in the forums and answers that do not seem to have solved the problem.

What happens is when the user goes through the checkout process and gets to the very end there is no button to choose how to pay and or it does not direct you to paypal. No options. Nothing. WHAT is going ON??? ๐Ÿ™

In another thread I read that this won’t work properly installing via quickstart. Is this true? What the hell is the point of using quickstart when it lacks payment features.

Can someone point me in the right direction please. This is an emergency.

Peter Matra

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Also search for a bug patch for Magento PayPal Standard. It is flawed, Magento screwed up the code PayPal Standard and the shipping information being passed back and forth. There is a possibilty that the customer will be charged double for shipping or not at all.

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Hi Peter.
Can you send me your website which is using JM Morganite with the PayPal Standard?
As I know, customer has to select both Shipping and Payment Method then the checkout process can finish. And the checkout process only start to send information to website(and Paypal gateway) when customer click "Place Order" at last step

There is a possibilty that the customer will be charged double for shipping or not at all.

Can you explain more clearly, when do it happen?

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honestly PP St. module is flawed from the start. There are long discussions in the Magento forums re: patching the module. Read this:

Shipping fees not being transfered on Paypal when select register as customer during checkout. (for me it never transferred shipping or double charged shipping and did not involve registering new customers)…thread/179519/

ALSO this-> (this has the patch in ZIP format where you can replace the stock PP Std. mod with the zipped patch. I copied the entire mod supplied. I did not pick and choose specific files that the mention in a post.…thread/180768/

This will explain things. They talk about using Zend Eclipse to apply the magento bug patch but I have no clue how to use it. So there is a ZIP file you can use instead. I replaced the entire original magento mod with the zip file.

The website Sympathy for the Kettle works great now. I just hate the PP Std. because clients overlook the ‘pay by CC’ option. I am considering editing the redirect page when they choose to pay so clients get a clearer understanding that they have the option to pay via CC. This is a new biz so we are using standard to save money at the moment.

I hope this helps others that experience problems.



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