Widget is displayed twice magento 2.1.9

Hi there,
I have added a vertical menu to some categories (Top Hats for sale etc) as per your documentation as a widget.
However it is being added twice for some reason.
Please can you just have a look rather than ping this straight back at me.
We are on a schedule and bought this to SAVE time, but its just given us continuous trouble, bug after bug…. Frankly your lucky that we dont have enough time to find a replacement or we’d be asking for a refund.
Im giving full admin/ssh access in the next private message.
Guy Hoogewerf

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Hi There,
It adds twice because you chose two times: http://prntscr.com/h23v6y
Please remove and one make sure “Non-Anchor Categories” or “Anchor Categories”.
Please let me know if you need help further.
Best Regards,

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Hi Ziven,
Im sorry but this is exactly the setup your documentation recommended. Perhaps it should be revised, or explained a little clearer?
See step 2 from the docs..
Also I dont understand this, if it was set to show in anchor and non-anchor why would it be displayed twice in an anchor category?
Surely it should be shown once if it is an anchor and also shown once if it was a non-anchor? Why both? A category cannot be both an anchor and non-anchor?
Hope you can understand my frustration with this..
Kind Regards
Guy Hoogewerf

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Hi Guy Hoogewerf,
Let me clarify a little bit further. 
Each category can be either Anchor or Non-anchor type only. However, in your setting, you select ‘Specific Categories’ and define the same categories for both types: Display on Anchor Categories and Display on Non-Anchor Categories. 
This happens for default Magento core too, you can verify by adding a static-block with similar setting (http://prntscr.com/h23v6y), you should see duplicated issue as well.
So the workaround is to select different Categories ID, and make sure you select only Anchor Categories for the section ‘Display on Anchor Categories’, and only Non-anchor Categories for the section Display on Non-Anchor Categories. 
PS. The specific issue above occurs when you set ‘Specific Categories’ only. It works properly with the setting ‘All Categories’. And this refers to the issue of Magento core, not our our extension. 

Best Regards,

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Hi Ziven,
Thanks for explaining this for me. I was sure it wasnt supposed to happen haha.
Surprising the amount of bugs still present in a system as popular as magento!


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