New Template Layout Conflicts

As my previous question has gone unanswered, I going to attempt to put the question to you differently in the hope that somebody can explain to me why I can’t get the new template to play ball.

If I follow the template setup as it was intended, I get a duplicate of the currency switcher appear in my left column.
I have added a screen shot to demonstrate that.
This happens because the directory.xml file has been removed from the template set so that magento uses the file in the base/default directory.

Is anybody prepared to stick their neck out here and agree with me that the template does not behave in the manner it was intended.
If anyone else is using this template then do please show me a sucessul install of the latest template files. I would love to hear from anyone using this template and prove to me that my findings are incorrect.

Also if any of the developers would like to butt in here and make a comment they are more than welcome. I appreciate you are all busy people and may not always have chance to view or fix issues on individual cases.
All the same this is very important to me and I would really appreciate some help from the community. In return I can give you free advice on how to repair your washing machine because that is what I do. I repair electro mechanical stuff and I know how to fix stuff. Well everything except my website that is.

For now I’m nipping out for a chip butty.
Thanks for listening and take care.

regards Tony

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