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Hello everyone
I was shocked when I have tried to use this template with Joomla 3
because when I write in Arabic language it appears like squares and I’m wandering why is this problem
my clients are from Arabs and If your templates will not support this language I wouldn’t be able to continue my membership with you
because I was planning to buy developer membership soon.
any how I hope you could find a solution for this problem
My best regards

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inventive_vision 0.00 $tone September 13, 2013

I am not sure about this problem, but from what you’ve been describing here, sounds like a db collation problem than a template problem.

Can you please provide us with a link so we can see the problem and debug ?



P.S. I am sure that our new templates do support RTL :…oard-hawkstore

Thanks Sir for your reply
I was talking about the the JA University Template every time Arabic Language whether in the end page or in the control panel the words replaced with squers as if it is not supporting the language.
It’s not my first time to use JA templates and the are really good and working very well.
I hope you could find a solution for this problem.

inventive_vision 0.00 $tone September 14, 2013

Here is the link you can see in the footer there is an Arabic sentence they look like that
I hope you can help me in this problem
Beside that I have installed another JA with joomla 3 template which is "JA Beranis" and the problem is the same.
If we supposed that it’s a database problem how can I solve this problem step by step with details

my best regards

Profile photo of Phill Luckhurst 0.00 $tone September 14, 2013

It is almost certainly a collation problem with your DB. You may need to speak to your host to change this depending on what access to your DB setup you have. If not a quick Google will bring up lots of very detailed instructions --…le.eaPJEREzSrU Please be aware though that JA University currently does not fully support RTL ( ) languages and you may see CSS problems probably with the slideshow. JA is working hard to support RTL with the new templates and at the same time updating many of the older ones.

inventive_vision 0.00 $tone September 15, 2013

Thanks everyone I have solved the problem myself
I have used this tool in the link and it worked perfectly
Million Thanks to you guys for trying to help me.
Here is the link
my best wishes for you


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