when importing reviews i received the following error:
2019/05/09 16:17:12 [error] [ub_data_migration] Mage2ReviewDetail: Title cannot be blank.<br/>Mage2ReviewDetail: Title cannot be blank.
how do i continue?

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    i went into the m1 table "review_detail" and sorted by title and noticed there were 3 reviews that didnt have a title. I deleted those entries and then rerun step 8 via php bin/ubdatamigration run --step=8 --mode=updateit seemed to work since it completed with 100% migration. is this correct?

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Hi there,

2019/05/09 16:17:12 [error] [ub_data_migration] Mage2ReviewDetail: Title cannot be blank.

That was because your M1 database has some records which had bad data in the table ‘review_detail’. You can use the following SQL to list all those records at your end:

Select * From review_detail Where title IS NULL OR title = '';

And then, you need to re-update the value in the ‘title’ field of those records (which is required in M2 database). 

Once done, you can continue with data migration in the step #8 as normal. 


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