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After adding a product to the shopping cart, get the display item added to cart but the shopping cart is empty. 

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Profile photo of Sarah 400.00 $tone February 2, 2016

Hi chief swole,
I need a closer look to detect the root if issue as you said. Let’s provide me the admin and FTP credentials of your site
Thank you,

Profile photo of Ziven Staff 100280.00 $tone February 7, 2016

Hi Chief,
When i turn on DEV mode i see the message.

failed: Disk quota exceeded (122)

Your site over disk. I think that why you can’t not add to cart. Please fix it first if when this issue has been fixed. And the issue still i will help you fix it.
PS: I wonder whether you did purchase this theme on our site or via Themeforest?
Best Regards,


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