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Hello Joomlart Support,
We develop website using Joomlart “EasyShop” theme. Now all thing are fine but a bug with Internet Explorer 9.
You can see the attached picture with this post. That bug does not happen with Firefox and Chrome.
Result with Firefox and Chrome

Please tell me the reason and how to fix it as soon as possible.

Thank you.

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Hi Hoai Tran Quoc.

I have determine your problem that you met some issues with IE9. However I couldn’t give the best solution if I don’t know your site. Please give us the login information FTP/Admin account to your support ticket MKM-531-88779 in We’ll check for you. Thanks.

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Hi Hoai Tran Quoc!

I have checked your site and seen that you have a missing when config for this module. Please go to admin -> system -> configuration and edit JM Slideshow. You have set this code:

<h3>MobiFone khuyến mại 100% (07-10/06 v


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