the mainmenu module disappeared

Hi, in my website I dont’ have the main menu module anymore. Anybody can help me? The module was up the pictures of the slideshow. I’ve lost also the image of the logo that was in the top left of the screen.
help me please….

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    menu disappeared

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Done.i have write you a private msg.

Received and tried to connect with your given FTP but I did not see any source code there, do you mind trying it yourself ?

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hi. I’ve sent my FTP again, can you help me?

Hi whitestar,

Please let me know if you have made any changes thay mgiht be the cause for the issue, For example did you make change to the layout file as app/design/frontend/default/jm_garis/layout/page.xml or modify something in your database ?
Let me know in details if any changes have been made there !


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