There was a problem with reindexing process.

i have install de quickstart template of JM Natris. But there is a problem with reindexing process
The problem is when in the index management. I can

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Very sorry for this late reply. Have you handled it ?
If not, here is my suggestion:
IMPORTANT: Make a copy of your database (just in case)
-- Regarding ‘Reindex product prices’: you may follow this guide, I’ve tried with it and it works fine.

-- Regarding ‘Reindex product flat data’:
Firstly, go to PHPMyadmin, find table named:"catalog_product_flat", there should be 1 matching table. For us, its catalog_product_flat_1
Then run under SQL:





DROP TABLE catalog_product_flat_1;

Go back to the Backend > Index Management and try to reindex again.
Hope this helps you.


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