Can't migrate sales.

I have used the tool from git:
and managed to migrate up-to sales order(some error occurred on customer migration and i fixed it after referring some existing questions)
but now I can’t  able to migrate sales order,quote and etc(step 7).
i have selected all the fields of step 7 and started the migration and checked the count of sales_order table of m2.
i can able to see the increase in count on the time of process.But the problem is sales is stopping on the count of 37027(my total shown in step 7 is 37032).
I have found that
1.some orders are skipped from m1 to m2  
2.tool is trying to store 37027 orders once again in sales_order(duplication).
3.quote table count is zero.(that is quote migration is never happened).

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Hi there,
It’s pity that we no longer maintain the old version on Github that you’re using. We’ve replaced it with a newer version. Please consider to use our Pro version as it comes with a whole revamped codebase and brand new features like Delta migration, Command-line interface, performance improvement etc.,
A few case studies from our recent migration projects: 

Hope that helps.
Ubertheme team

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Hi there, 
Data migration project issues vary from site to site due to the nature of each specific database. It’s hard for us to give you confirmation while we could not have a closer check.
Further, the old script you used was out-dated, so unexpected issues are beyond scope of our support. Thanks for your understanding.
Ubertheme team


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