How used UB Data Migration Pro to migrate 230,000 products to Magento 2

Magento 2 is going to gradually replace Magento 1, even though it doesn’t seem to be too urgent at the moment. It’s better to be fully prepared for moving though. And walking through real data migration projects will help you know available options to get ready with Magento 2 data migration.

Today we are going to discover a new successful Magento CE Data Migration project at Ubertheme. In this case study, Jeroen Schermer (Director at tells us about their Magento 2 data migration project; using UB Data Migration Pro to migrate Client/Order data and all 230,000 products to Magento 2.

Big thanks to Jeroen Schermer for your time and contributions to share your migration project with our friends at Ubertheme.


Brief for your Magento 2 data migration project
The client simply insisted to be Magento 2. We needed to transfer as much as possible from the old Magento 1.8 store. Client/Order data (loads of it) and all 230,000 products.

This new current challenge was a bigger one.

We could not spend a lot of time on the import, because we needed to prepare the Magento 2 shop with special functionality. After playing around with the Free Version of Ubertheme Data Migration Module, we decided it would save us time and money to with the Pro version.


Let the import rest on Ubertheme Ultimate Module
We could focus at developing client specific modules and let the import rest on UberTheme Ultimate Data Migration Pro Module.

Our test server was good 16G, 12 cores, but it never had a job running for more than an hour. This job would take over 18 hours, so you could say the import itself was a big task.

We had so many products so the import had to be stable. Even though at first we stumbled because of an error 1.8 Magento database. We never realised this until An and Mall from Ubertheme ran the whole job at their place to see what was wrong. These people helped us step by step, even customizing the code for us.


Got it all covered in one extension
I’d like to thank An and Mall from Ubertheme team for helping me with the huge amount of data migration. I appreciated every response.

For me as a programmer it was worth the investment of time. It gave me more joy, by making bigger steps at once. We could focus at developing client specific modules and let the import rest on UberTheme Data Migration Pro Module.

(Download full Case Study here)

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