UB Data Migration Pro

Changelog for (Magento 2) UB Data Migration Pro extension (version 3.0.7)
Latest update: April 14, 2017

  • Compatibility testing with Magento CE 2.1.6
  • Fine-tuning: applied tweaks to handle specific bad data in the Product data (Related to the image file name with special char in the table catalog_product_entity_media_gallery)
  • Added: Allowed migrate Downloadable Links Purchased data
  • Compatibility testing with Magento CE 2.1.5
  • Fine tuning to handle specific bad data in the Sales data and Product data
  • Compatibility testing with Magento CE 2.1.4
  • Fixed: Fix the issue with product tax classes. The tax data are converted but not assigned to the product.
  • Fixed: Fine tuning to handle specific bad data in the Sales data
  • Compatibility testing with Magento CE 2.1.3
  • Fixed: applied tweaks for some special database cases
  • Fixed: applied tweaks for some special database cases
  • (Fine-tuning): Notification improvement for Command-line interface
  • Fixed: applied tweaks for some special database cases
  • (Fine-tuning): rename the log file to ‘ub_data_migration.log’
  • Compatibility testing with Magento CE 2.1.2
  • (NEW) Supports Command-Line Interface (CLI) commands: Allows to proceed migration steps using the command lines in CLI mode, after completing all pre-migration setting steps.
  • Fine-tuning: Applies workarounds for some special database migration cases

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cloudways thumbnail

In the ecommerce industry, site performance means a lot since it creates a different impact on the sales and support of an online store. Customers are increasingly impatient and will abandon the shopping cart within seconds if the store doesn’t load up quickly.


Cloudways -- For a starting price of $7 a month!

With an army of open source innovators, the Magento keeps the merchants at the front when it comes to online shopping trends. By pairing Magento with a top-notch hosting plan, your store can burn rubber right off the starting line.
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UB Theme Helper for Magento 2

April 4, 2017 Update: Check out (M2) UB MegaMall -- The first Magento 2 theme packed with UB Theme Helper

People don’t judge a book by its cover, do they?

They do. It’s just the way it is.

The saying applies to much more than just books, especially when it comes down to a Magento-based store. Unique and attractive design has always played a key role that increases the perceived value of your products and make your store seem more trustworthy.

It’s the truth; your online store design matters. However, what is an easy and fast way to control over the look, content and functionality of your Magento store?

That’s the reason we come up with UB Theme Helper -- a Magento 2 theme setting panel that sets you free from the basic theme customizing method: editing source files. You have full management over detailed basis via a friendly interface. It allows you to make small and large adjustments to every page in your chosen theme.

UB Theme Helper Introduction

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Changelog for (Magento 2) UB Instant Layered Navigation extension (version 1.0.3 Beta)
Latest update: April 17, 2017

1.0.3 Beta
  • Compatibility testing with Magento 2.1.6
  • Added: Enable filter function in mobile devices
  • Incremental Fine-tuning
1.0.2 Beta
  • Compatibility testing with Magento 2.1.3, 2.1.4, 2.1.5
  • Fixed: price slider issue with touchpad devices
  • Added: update style and allow product listing with resized products images
  • Added: support Infinite loading options, with configuration option to switch listing mode in the back-end
1.0.1 Beta
  • Fine-tuning: allow using templates generated from PHP — More flexibility to override with your own custom templates
  • Add: Support multiple languages in the frontend
  • Add: Support List view mode in Products List

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Ubertheme Spring Sales

Hey friends, from time to time you can see our Magento extensions and themes available at a discount rate. This Spring, you have a new chance to get a special offer on Ubertheme’s extensive collection of both Magento 1 and Magento 2 extensions & themes.

Spring Sales

Purchase M2 Extension Bundle -- Get UB Instant Layered Navigation FREE

Save 30% on Single-theme and Single-extension Purchases

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Omni-channel Your Portal to Maximum Leads

The virtual world is nothing short of dynamic. With the virtual landscape fast evolving, it comes as no surprise that innovations in terms of marketing strategies have become a necessity for businesses to survive the sea of competition. Now, more than ever, sales and marketing are hot topics as businesses compete for the best leads and increased conversion rates. But with all your competitors vying for the same thing—a good sales figure—how can you hope to thrive? This is where Omni-Channel comes in. But before we consider what Omni-Channel is and how you could maximize its potentials for you to gain an edge over your competitors, let us first go back to the importance of generating leads. Understanding this basic marketing concept will help us appreciate the value of using Omni-Channel when developing your marketing strategy.

Omni-channel - Your Portal to Maximum Lead

Omni-channel -- Your Portal to Maximum Lead

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Customer Journey

Once upon a time, when e-commerce was just nothing more than a startup idea for businesses, getting customers to click the right buttons and making the purchase was as easy as 1-2-3. All you had to do was launch an e-commerce website and zap! You’ve got the sales that you needed. You had a market that was hungry for stuff, and you were only too willing to feed their shopping appetite.

But of course, that was once upon a time. Somewhere along the way, the story has taken a 90-degree shift, and now businesses are scrambling online to catch up with where the happy customer online has left the usual marketing trail.

As time went on, it became more and more challenging for you to win your market over and to get them to be your buyers. The e-commerce landscape evolved. Businesses identical to yours began popping up—one after another. But it was not just about the fiercer competition. It was also about how the average consumer could now have better access to information, and with only a few taps and swipes at that!

With the ‘buyer’s journey’ (as marketers often call it) shifting into something non-linear, e-commerce began to take a whole new perspective. The shift in the ‘buyer’s journey’ continues to pose a challenge even to the most experienced online seller. So if you’re having a tough time targeting the right people at the right time, then rest assured that you’re not alone. And you’re not a hopeless case!

To find out how your business can best deal with the challenge, let’s first have a look at the buyer’s journey and understand what actually takes place before you make or lose a sale.

Buyer's eCommerce Journey

A deeper understanding of your buyer’s Ecommerce Journey

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April 17, 2017 Update: All our Magento 2 extensions & Magento 2 themes are now compatible with Magento 2.1.6

Yesterday, Magento has just announced new releases for both Magento 2.1.4 and Magento These new releases enhance product quality and security, including a fix SUPEE-9652 for the recently discovered Zend Framework 1 library vulnerability.

You can find information on all the changes in Magento 2.1.4 here and Magento here.

We have implemented and tested the patch with our Magento 2 & Magento 1 extensions and themes. Below is the first batch updated for Magento 2.1.4 and Magento

Magento 2.1.4 Updates

Magento 2.1.4 Updates

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A rocking cart-page

Ahh! The cart page! This is basically the page that rocks your items straight to check-out. But just as the saying goes, do not count the chickens before the eggs have hatched. Think of this: your cart-page is the incubator where premature sales are waiting for approval. So how can you make sure that your eggs, I mean, your items, rather, can come out of the checkout process successfully? Just like an incubator, make sure your cart page is irresistibly hot that your visitors cannot say “no” to purchase! Here’s a list of pointers for you to consider:

A rocking cart-page

Create a Rocking Cart-page that Secures Your Conversion!

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Error 404 Optimization

A sea of proverbs to live by have been created with regards to dealing with mistakes and, quite frankly, they serve humanity with so much goodness. One of my favourite, I must say is this: If you fall, fall with grace. But before I begin my litany of life’s drama, let’s talk about this inevitable deadly mistake that could happen to your website: Error 404.

What is Error 404 and why is it deadly?

Simply put, you’ll get an error if the webpage you’re trying to reach couldn’t be found on the server. Now there can be several reasons why you got that error, and we’ll be explaining that in a bit. But here’s what you should keep in mind: Error 404 is a client-side mistake that you should not ignore.

Here’s why: An error 404 will most likely result in the drop of customer satisfaction levels. And you know what could most likely happen next? The increase of your bounce rate. What is a bounce rate? It is when your customers head over to your competitors’ sites. And if that isn’t scary enough, here’s the scariest consequence: they will most likely end up purchasing from there instead. And there goes your hope for conversions! And just like a lever effect, the higher your bounce rate is, the lower your conversion rate becomes. Continue reading