Changelog for (Magento 2 extension) UB Page Builder Extras Module — version 1.0.2:
Latest update: May 6, 2022


  • Tested and fixed to compatible with Magento Open Source version 2.4.4 and PHP 8.1
  • Fine-tuning languages and fixed a bug (issue #4) in Hotspot editor in the backend


  • New content type -- UB Hotspot
  • Improvements and bug fixes
    • Issue: [Products] > Featured Product Settings > Show Category > Not Working
    • Improve LESS Using Mixin
    • Re-structor LESS files
    • Improve LESS coding using Variables

V1.0.0 Stable

Content Types:

  • UB Categories:
    • Multiple appearances (layouts): 5 appearances: Default, Type 1, Type 2, Type 3, Type 4
    • Multiple category styles with advanced control options for categories listing: 5 Styles
    • Multiple styles of category’s thumbnail corner radius: Square, Circle, Rounded (2px, 4px, 8px, 16px)
    • Allows carousel categories with admin controls (available in the ‘Default’ appearance only)
  • UB Products:
    • Improve styles on the usecases
    • Support more Products block usecase included viewall link
  • Heading:
    • Improve styles on the usecases

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Uber Magento Page Builder extras module

I am sure we’re all excited about the Magento Page Builder extension. It helps create content by dragging-and-dropping pre-built controls fast and easy, managing shop content with ease for rich shopping experiences.

We want to make the shopping experience, managing the shop content even better and easier for the shop owners with our new module for the Magento 2 Page Builder, we call it:
UB Page Builder Extras Module.

Introducing UB Page Builder Extras Module

In short, UB Page Builder Extras makes it easy to create custom content types that enhance your pages using Magento Page Builder.

The Magento Module inherits all core features of Magento page builder, extend the core content types such as products list with more advanced features to build tailored content with personalized experiences for your ecommerce site.

The configuration is easy with the click of a button, with no coding required.

Uber magento page builder extras module beta release

Product features in details

1. UB Product: shows products list in smart layouts

Show your product list in smart layouts, beautiful design to engage your shop audience and maximize the conversion.

  • Multiple appreances (layouts)
  • Multiple product styles
  • Multiple featured product styles
  • Carousel option for all appearances
  • Multiple countdown timer styles
  • Options to configure the style and layout:
    • Easy to set number of products to show in a row on each viewport/breakpoint (Desktop, Tablet, Mobile)
    • Product’s thumbnail size setting
    • Featured product settings
    • On/off product elements: Title, Reviews, Prices, Swatches, Add to cart, Add to compare, Add to wishlist
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    UB Bookshop for Magento 2

    Changelog for (Magento 2 theme) UB Bookshop -- version 1.1.9:
    Latest update: May 21, 2024

    • Compatibility testing with PHP 8.2.*
    • Compatibility testing with Magento 2.4.7.
    • Integrated the latest UB Mega Menu v1.2.9
    • Integrated the latest UB Quick View v1.1.3
    • Integrated the latest UB Content Slider v1.2.3
    • Bug fixes
    • Support Magento 2 pagebuilder
    • Support UB Magento Page Builder Extras
    • Support the latest UB Checkout v1.1.3
    • Improve sticky header
    • Bug fixes
    • Integrated the latest UB Quick View v1.1.3
    • Integrated the latest UB Content Slider v1.2.1
    • Improved loading the carousels within the tabs ‘Hot Books’, ‘Best Sellers’, and ‘Staff Picks’
    • Fixed: the effect of the images in the hero slideshow after being loaded.
    • [Mobile] Improved the style of Next/Back and ‘Go to Products’ buttons on the UB Quick View popup
    • Compatibility testing and fixing issues with Magento 2.4.3
    • Fixed: (UB Quickview popup) main product image’s position was moved on first loading
    • Improved: Disabled the fullscreen mode on Quickview popup
    • Fixed: Tapping the Review link on the Product detail page, it did not direct to the Review tab (for Bundle Product page only)
    • Fixed: (mobile) Search box overlapped a few pixels over the header
    • Fixed: (mobile) Disabled scrolling of the body content when scrolling the content of Order Summary block

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    UB Atoms - Magento 2 theme

    Changelog for (Magento 2) UB Atoms theme (version 1.0.8)
    Latest update: May 20, 2024

    • Compatibility testing with Magento 2.4.7.
    • Integrated the latest UB Mega Menu v1.2.9
    • Integrated the latest UB Quick View v1.1.3
    • Integrated the latest UB Content Slider v1.2.3
    • Compatibility testing with Magento 2.4.3.
    • Integrated the latest UB Mega Menu v1.2.7
    • Integrated the latest UB Quick View v1.1.2
    • Fixed: (mobile) adjust the alignment of minicart and search icon on the sticky header
    • Fixed: Disabled body content that was scrolled under the Order Summary block on the checkout page
    • Fixed: the main product image and associated thumbnails moved up a few pixels when being loaded.
    • Fixed: the width of the Quickview popup of the Downloadable product was resized (compared with other regular products)
    • Improved: Style of Bundle product on UB Quickview popup
    • Improved: styles of sticky headers using the built-in sticky feature of UB Mega Menu v1.2.6 (for both Header types: default and version 1)
    • Improved: styles of color/styles swatches of Configurable products
    • Fixed: product descriptions were overlapped upon switching to next product on UB Quickview popup
    • Fixed: pagination issue of Related Products carousel on product detail page.
    • Improved: Primary & Secondary buttons of My Account section
    • Fixed: (vertical iPad) the logo changed its position upon a page refresh
    • Improved: smooth openning the accordion tab on Product detail page.
    • Added: Integrate the latest Magento 2 extensions UB Mega Menu, UB Content Slider, and UB Quick View.

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    Magento 2.4.3

    A few days ago, Magento announced one of the most important releases on the platform: Magento 2.4.3. This release packs the Page Builder as a bundled extension in Magento Open Source edition for the first time ever. And like its predecessor, it brings out enhancements and security plus significant platform improvements.

    Let’s have a quick look at the list of features from this release:

    • 370 new fixes to core code
    • 33 security issues resolved
    • Page Builder as a bundled extension is now the default content editing tool for Magento Open Source (It is used to be a part of core code in the Magento Commerce only). A list of Adobe Commerce-exclusive features will be excluded from the Magento Open Source like Dynamic Blocks, Staging & Preview, Native integrations such as Product Recommendations.
    • Expansion of reCAPTCHA coverage that protects endpoints from spam attacks
    • New composer plugin
    • Upgraded core composer dependencies and third-party libraries that are compatible with PHP 8.x.
    • Live Search improvements
    • Support Paypal Pay Later
    • Built-in API rate-limiting for security improvements
    • Expansion of GraphQL API coverage
    • Magento B2B version 1.3.2
    • PWA Studio 11 release (although code for PWA Studio is bundled with quarterly releases of the Magento core code, the new PWA Studio version is released independently. See PWA Studio releases)

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