[Update] UB Bookshop theme updated: Magento PageBuilder and UB Page Builder Extras support

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One more Magento 2 theme updated to support Magento PageBuilder and UB Page Builder Extras -- UB Bookshop version 1.1.6. This update makes UB Bookshop theme more flexible, save time and effort to build new pages, sections with the full support of the Magento PageBuiler and the new magento 2 extension -- UB Page Builder Extras.

Uber Bookshop magento theme update

Magento Page Builder support

Magento Page Builder helps create content by dragging-and-dropping pre-built controls fast and easy, managing shop content with ease for rich shopping experiences.

Build, update, customize everything with the powerful Magento Page Builder

Uber Bookshop magento page builder theme

Integrate our new UB Page Builder Extras extension

UB Bookshop theme v1.1.6 integrates our new Magento 2 module -- UB Page Builder Extras to create custom content types: product showcase, category listing, and more that enhance your pages using Magento Page Builder with ease. The Magento Module inherits all core features of Magento page builder and provides more advanced features: multiple beautiful pre-made appearances (layouts), multiple product styles, element styles (countdown, image, etc), plus built-in control options to build tailored content with personalized experiences for your eCommerce site.

Ub Bookshop magento theme supports page builder

Easy and visual configuration panel

Uber Bookshop magento page builder theme for bookstore

Highlighted features:

  • UB Product: shows products list in smart layouts with
    • Multiple appreances (layouts)
    • Multiple product styles
    • Multiple featured product styles
    • Carousel option for all appearances
    • Multiple countdown timer styles
  • UB Category: display category listing beautifully
    • 5 appreances (layouts)
    • 5 category styles
    • Supports Carousel option -- enable or disable
    • Options to configure the style and layout: show/hide thumbnail
  • Heading content type
    • Supports multiple heading styles for users to select
    • Allow create sub-heading
    • Settings for padding, margin, on different viewports: Desktop, Tablet, Mobile
  • and many more

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And more included in the new version:

  • Support the latest UB Checkout v1.1.3
  • Improve sticky header
  • Bug fixes

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