Magento 2 Development bundle

The creation of different Magento 2 stores is a time consuming and costly process. What if you could lay one strong Magento 2 bundle that can help get you started with any Magento 2 project faster and more stable development?

With UB Trex Pro, you have a new theme and pre-integrated extension package that can speed up the development on the Magento 2 platform. It contains one core theme, built-in extensions, and theme helper covering essential Magento 2 theme elements -- many of which are easily extendable.

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UB Trex Pro thumbnail

Feb 14, 2020 Update: UB Trex Pro 1.0.2 has been released. Fully compatible with Magento 2.3.4.

Aug 1, 2019 Update: Check out UB Trex Pro step-by-step installation and configuration documentation here to learn more about the theme features.

Some of you already know and use UB Trex -- our free Magento 2 theme, but this week, we have finally launched our premium Magento 2 theme -- UB Trex Pro. Having this premium theme available is incredibly important for so many reasons, the most important being that we have completely re-constructed the robust theme configuration panel and code base.

With the power of UB Theme Helper, there are many advantages to using UB Trex Pro theme and customizing your entire site parts using UB Theme Helper, without having to deal with conflicts or code.

Apart from that you now have all premium M2 modules bundled in the theme -- UB Mega Menu, UB Content Slider, UB Quick View, plus a suite of pre-made layouts and many new features.

Let’s look at some of the new features to learn the ins and outs of this amazing theme. Continue reading

UB Bookshop v1.0.7 for Magento 2.3.1

Feb 5, 2020 Update: UB Book Shop v1.1.0 for Magento 2.3.4 has just been released.

We’re pleased to announce that, after all the hard work, UB Bookshop v1.0.7 is now available for download.

In the latest 1.0.7 release of the theme, we’ve added Infinite Loading, Advanced Custom Tabs, revamped Deals of the Week, Sticky mega menu along with a couple of other goodies. Here’s a quick overview on those new enhancements and important changes: Continue reading

UB Trex Pro Sneak peek

Jul 24 Update: UB Trex Pro theme has just been released, fully compatible with Magento 2.3.2.
April 5 Update: Infinite Scrolling/Load More button will be built in UB Trex Pro by default.
Mar 20 Update: Let’s take a closer look at one of our latest Product Detail Pages. Scroll down this article to see what we’re working on.
Mar 19 Update: Advanced Product Tabs will be a built-in feature of this upcoming premium Magento 2 theme.

In the upcoming weeks, we’ll be releasing a brand new Magento 2 theme. In the build-up to the theme launch, we’re giving you an exclusive preview of the product page layout’s wireframes that we’re working on. Here is a glimpse at our upcoming product pages:

  • Product Page Layout #1: Classic Product Page
  • Product Page Layout #2: Horizontal Classic Product Page
  • Product Page Layout #3: Fullscreen Product page with Slider
  • Product Page Layout #4: Fullscreen Product page with content
  • Product Page Layout #5: Product Page with Accordion
  • Product Page Layout #6: Product Page with sidebar column

The product page can be difficult to get right. We try to create product page layouts and features that care consistent across the entire catalog, and try to balance between too much information and lack of information.

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Free Magento 2 theme UB Trex

Feb 14, 2020 Update:
In case you missed, UB Trex Pro v1.0.2 has been released for Magento 2.3.4! It features 5 product page layouts, advanced custom tabs, infinite scrolling, plus built-in UB Mega Menu, UB Content Slider, UB Quick View module. And much more!

Today we are happy to announce that UB Trex (beta) -- our first free Magento 2 theme -- is available for download. A lot of work has gone into this dedicated free theme since we announced the first public preview.

Free Magento 2 theme - UB Trex

New to Magento 2? Perfect, UB Trex can probably be your practical first step and just what you would need to start with for your first online store. UB Trex is clean and simple, highlights the flat and minimalistic design. Continue reading

UB Trex - Free Magento 2 theme

Feb 14, 2020 Update
In case you missed, UB Trex Pro v1.0.2 for Magento 2.3.4 has been released! It features 5 product page layouts, advanced custom tabs, infinite scrolling, plus built-in UB Mega Menu, UB Content Slider, UB Quick View module. And much more!

As you might know, Trex is a dynamic free theme with a compelling look and clean code that we first created for Magento 1. This one was specially designed for the bike and bike accessories web stores. We loved it, our members appreciated it too.

However, Trex is 6+ years old now, and it needs a new look in sync with the new-age design approach and absolutely new Magento 2 platform. For this reason, our team carefully crafted and had a significant makeover with a brand new design for the Trex theme and gave it a new code, named UB Trex. Continue reading

Magento 2 Mega menu

Jan 31, 2020 Update: UB Mega Menu v.1.1.8 release is fully compatible with Magento 2.3.4 and natively supports Magento PWA Studio..
Nov 4, 2019 Update: UB Mega Menu ver 1.1.7 has just been released which allows to restrict access to specific menu groups to selected customer group(s). Fully compatible with Magento 2.3.3.
Nov 7, 2018 Update: UB Mega Menu ver 1.1.4 released -- making it easy to add thumbnail to each sub-menu item.
Sept 24, 2018 Update: New enhancement in UB Mega Menu ver 1.1.2 -- added dynamic width (%) option that allows to create full width menus. Fully compatible with Magento 2.2.6.
Aug 31, 2018 Update: UB Mega Menu ver 1.1.1 has just been released which allows to customize the mega menu title for SEO value.

If your Magento 2 store contains a wide range of products with many promotional deals to deliver, it gets a perfect chance to add a mega menu as it helps to organize and structure the store navigation in an intuitive and efficient way.

And this is where our UB Mega Menu -- Magento 2 mega menu extension -- comes in handy. Let’s dive in to see how the extension can give you an ideal solution for building your effective navigation system.

Effectively structuring horizontal and vertical menus for a large catalog

Magento 2 mega menu - Horizontal and Vertical menus

Easy to create both horizontal and vertical menus on the same page with UB Mega Menu

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Manage Magento 2 cache

Magento 2 employs backend caching at many levels within the system -- File System (default), Database, Redis and Varnish, which is used to store web pages to speed up the load processes and improve your Magento 2 site performance.

In this post, we are going to introduce a couple of handy CLI (Command Line Interface) commands -- one of the simplest methods to manage your Magento 2 cache. We will also make a short overview of Magento 2’s default cache backend solution -- file system; the difference between cache:flush vs. cache:clean.

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Compile LESS to CSS

Magento 2 utilizes the LESS preprocessor to simplify theming. This makes theme customization intuitive and promotes the writing of reusable and maintainable CSS codes through features like variables, mixins, and inline imports.

From standpoint of a frontend developer, LESS compilation (aka CSS preprocessing) is one of the most important part of M2’s static content deployment that you work most of the time on your Magento 2 custom projects.

To help you understand the context of this subject, this post will explain in brief about the LESS preprocessor for Magento 2, three types of LESS compilation. It also walks you through steps to compile LESS in server-side compilation mode for customizing your theme styles. Continue reading

Interview Jim - Magento 2 Case study

So you’re launching a new Magento 2 store. One of the first things you’ll need to decide is if you should start with a premade theme with some customizations or if you need a fully custom theme developed just for you. Obviously, there are certainly pros and cons to both.

We asked Jim Weston of the a couple of questions about his experience using premium UB Mago theme and how all that came with using a fully Magento 2 Open Source platform.

Magento 2 theme case study - UB Mago

The case study indicates that if there is an existing premade theme that suits your needs, you will ideally get the best of both worlds: a solid theme framework from a premium Magento development vendor that has great support, updatability, community, etc. and you will also get the custom elements you’re after too.

Read on to learn about all factors before you making your final choice.
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