New Release: Furniture Homepage added to UB Trex Pro theme

Jul 30, 2020 Update: The new v1.0.5 has just been released with optimized LESS & incremental improvements.
Jun 25, 2020 Update: The Furniture theme is now available for download.

We’re happy to announce the new Furniture Homepage added to our premium Magento 2 theme -- UB Trex Pro, in addition to the default Fashion Homepage. With this lightweight and responsive furniture layout, you will have your own Magento 2 furniture store up and running in little to no time.

Let’s start off by looking at how you can craft a fully functional website for your furniture-related business with the UB Trex Pro’s pre-designed exclusive homepages, inner pages, and the bundle of goodies built-in.

A clean and minimal furniture Magento 2 theme

The Furniture layout has been created with the intent of satisfying the needs of a huge array of possible products across all sorts of furniture, homeware, and decor collections. No matter what your niche may be, the new Furniture homepage lets your catalog impress shoppers in a stylish presentation.

New Furniture Hompage - Added to UB Trex Pro theme

New Furniture Hompage -- Added to UB Trex Pro theme

You will also find multiple product page layouts that you can take to your total advantage out of the box. They come with up-sells and related products making it easier for customers to find alternative products if the product they are looking at doesn’t meet their expectations.

New Furniture Product Page - UB Trex Pro theme

Sample 1: Furniture Product Page -- UB Trex Pro theme

New Furniture Product Page - UB Trex Pro theme

Sample 2: Furniture Product Page -- UB Trex Pro theme

Advanced Navigation

UB Mega Menu module is built-in UB Trex Pro by default. The module is good enough to help you enhance your primary navigation and make it super easy for your users to access your catalog.

As you can see, the pre-designed menu style in the Furniture Homepage helps you display all the important categories, associated sub-categories with custom links or featured images.

New Furniture Hompage: Mega Menu - UB Trex Pro theme

Stacked Category Dropdown Mega Menu for Furniture Layout

If you want to create a different look and feel of your menu, you can check out different styles built-in UB Mega Menu like tabbed mega menu (with thumbnails), vertical menu, etc, and play around with the customization to match other parts of your store.

Featured Product Image Hotspot

Thanks to the integration with the UB Content Slider module, you’re able to create “Shop this room” experience easily with the Product Image Hotspot feature. This approach is useful when you want to put together beautiful room decorating ideas, showcase approach to designing a room around inspiration furniture pieces, etc.

You simply add interactive product hotspots on top of your images, where customers can easily browse the brief details of the product (Product thumbnail, product title, price). When a customer clicks on the product hotspot, a modal window showing product details will enable to add the item to the cart without opening the product page.

Here’s an example from one of the UB Trex Pro’s slideshows with product image hotspots that helps engage users:

Shoppable list of products on the slideshow with image hotspots

Shoppable list of products on the slideshow with image hotspots

Product Quick View modal

Another key component of the Furniture theme is the handy Quick View module. It’s a way of letting customers open a lightbox for product details with the ability to add the item to the cart. You have full control over specifying which products to have the Quick View button enabled.

Here’s what the Quick View modal looks like:

Quick access via Quick View popup

Quick access via Quick View popup

Easy to enable Infinite Scroll to your pages

If pagination is not an option for loading your product catalog, you can take advantage of Infinite Scrolling in UB Trex Pro with 3 flexible options:

  • Infinite Scrolling
  • Infinite Scrolling with a page limit
  • Load More button

Infinite Scrolling makes it easier to browse more products by simply scrolling down the page or clicking the Load More button. Using this technique improves the browsing experience and increases engagement, especially for mobile and touch devices.

Support Product Rich Snippet (coming soon)

This remains to be a work-in-progress feature that we are working on to improve the UB Trex Pro theme further.

The main goal is to help add structured data to your Magento 2 pages automatically. Apart from letting the search engine know what all the key product data of your site mean, a rich snippet result might entice the customers to click on the link. We will keep you posted about this new feature in more details once it is available.

Get started

We hope you like the addition of Furniture layout. You can go ahead and try UB Trex Pro on our demo or download it from your profile at Ubertheme. Not yet a member? Get a subscription and start using UB Trex Pro today!

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Do you have a great idea for the UB Trex Pro theme? Get in touch with us via info (at) We love to hear your feedback and ideas!

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