(M2) UB Bookshop Theme Update – Version 1.0.7

Changelog for (Magento 2 theme) UB Bookshop -- version 1.0.7:
Latest update: May 17, 2019

  • Compatibility testing with Magento 2.3.1 (bug fixes for M2.3.1 are listed below)
  • Updated to the latest UB Mega Menu v1.1.6, UB Content Slider 1.1.3, UB Quick View 1.0.4
  • [Improved] Sticky mega menu on scroll down/up
  • [Improved] Simplify ‘Deals of the Week’ with Countdown Timer
  • [Added] Infinite Loading for Category Grid/List view
  • [Added] Dynamic product tab functionality
  • [Improved] Fine-tuning UB ThemeHelper’s theme setting panel and source code
  • [Fixed] After switching to a new color skin, click an element on page at random, the theme reverts to the default color skin
  • [Fixed] Justify the padding of submenu items
  • [Fixed] Short By Position dropdown has overlapped icon on Firefox
  • [Fixed] Issue with the Background image enabled that just covers partially some block positions.
  • [Fixed] When changing to a new Google font, it was not applied properly.
  • [Fixed] The issue when changing the main product size in product detail page.
  • [Fixed] The notice ‘You have no items in your shopping cart’ was overlapped when scrolling down the sticky mega menu.
  • [Fixed] Some elements like Add to cart buttons were not switched to the new color properly when switching among color skins.
  • [Fixed] The Related / Upsell product configuration was not applied properly
  • [Fixed] [iPad] The Style issue with the Quickview upon loading and the style issue with the Go To Product button in the popup.
  • [Fixed] [iPad] Columns of content were overlapped when comparing more than 5 products items
  • [Fixed] [iPad] Left alignment issue with the My Wishlist block on the sidebar.
  • [Fixed] [mobile] Alignment of the product image on product detail page (for product with only one product image)
  • [Fixed] [mobile] ‘Update’ and ‘Edit’ buttons were overlapped on the minicart
  • [Fixed] [mobile] The width of a customized tab in the product detail page was resized improperly.

  • Testing for compatibility with Magento 2.2.7 and Magento 2.3.0
  • Fixed: Update to the latest UB Mega Menu 1.1.4
  • Fixed: Adjust the text alignment of the List view on the sample No Sidebar page
  • Fixed: The issue with Add to Cart button on the Quickview popup of the Bundle product page
  • Fixed: Issue with some forms (Forgot Password; Edit Account Information) in IE browser
  • Fixed: Optimize the grid view on IE browser
  • Fixed: Style issue of Quickview popup
  • Fixed: The style issue with sample mega content on UB Mega Menu
  • Fixed: The style issue of the sample Configurable product page
  • Fixed: [iPad] Adjust the text alignment within Order Summary block on the checkout page.
  • Fixed: [iPad] Overlapped texts in the Bundle product page
  • Fixed: [mobile] Text alignment issue on Contact Us page
  • Compatibility testing with Magento 2.2.6
  • Update integration with the latest UB Mega Menu v1.1.3
  • Fixed: Fix the style issue of Quick View popup when not showing Review and More info tabs.
  • Fixed: Improve the effect upon mouse hover on the featured product on the mega menu.
  • Fixed: Improve the image’s height on the Category List/Grid view upon changing Image setting via UB Theme Helper | Category (List/Grid)
  • Fixed: Overlapped review star icon upon mouse hover on the product image
  • Fixed: [iPad] Adjust the position of Add to cart, Quick View icons to the right side similar to other pages.
  • Fixed: [iPad] Adjust the text alignment on the Special Books block under vertical screen mode
  • Fixed: [mobile] Adjust the position of the Add to Cart button with Add to Wishlist icon on the sample Bundle product page.
  • Fixed: [mobile] The search functionality on mobile does not work properly
  • Fixed: [mobile] The confirmation message box when removing an item out of minicart overlapped the mobile screen.
  • Compatibility testing with Magento 2.2.5
  • Fixed: issue with Review button on the UB Quickview popup in IE
  • Fixed: Improve padding of Downloadable product in Order Summary.
  • Fixed: hide the price on the Bundle product
  • Fixed: the product thumbnail of configurable product in the listview was moving downward upon loading.
  • Fixed: remove Wishlist on the sidebar under Guest mode
  • Fixed: improve text alignment on the shopping cart page
  • Fixed: issue with Create New Customer Account when inserting wrong info
  • Fixed: [mobile] improve Shop by button on the Search result page
  • Fixed: [mobile] adjust spacing between menu itmes
  • Fixed: [mobile] adjust the height of product thumbnail on the category page
  • Fixed: [mobile] incorrect color theme when applying a new skin
  • Compatibility testing with Magento 2.2.4
  • Fixed: Missing breadcrum link on the product detail page
  • Fixed: Missing border in the custom tab in the product detail page
  • Fixed: Issue of the main image configuration via UB Theme Helper
  • Fixed: Issue of the column setting via UB Theme Helper
  • Fixed: Issue of the Deal of the Week icon upon changes in image setting
  • Fixed: Issue when turning on Call for Price setting
  • Fixed: Issue when changing the Upsell / Related product image sizes
  • Fixed: Sync the color upon change in color skin
  • Fixed: [mobile] Increase top padding for the Shipping Adress block
  • Fixed: [mobile] Aligment issue on the Today Highlight section
  • Fixed: [mobile] Center-alignment for product’s main image in the product page
  • Fixed: [mobile] Adjust the alignment of the items in the Wish List section
  • Fixed: [mobile] Adjust the aligmenet of product name on shopping cart
  • Fixed: [mobile] Must tab twice to show Account Dashboard dropdown menu
  • Comptibility testing with Magento 2.2.3
  • Improved: adjusting line height in Order Summary for clear UI
  • Fixed: Adjust the space between product image and product title
  • Fixed: Style issue on Shopping Cart on Safari browser
  • Fixed: product position changes upon switching between attributes on Configurable product
  • Fixed: Product zoom window remains visible upon clicking to view full product image
  • Fixed: color button was not applied when changing color skin
  • Fixed: Product image issue on the Quickview popup
  • Fixed: Button’s style issue on Shipping Address page (When adding new Address on Checkout page)
  • Fixed: the horizontal alignment issue of text elements on the toolbar on Safari
  • Fixed: [iPad] the Quickview button’s position on Deal of the week block
  • Fixed: [mobile] remove overlay in minicart
  • Fixed: [mobile] issue when closing full image mode
  • Comptibility testing with Magento 2.2.2
  • Improved: integrate the latest UB Mega Menu ver1.0.9,with improved off-canvas menu.
  • Improved: Implement product image zoom in the Product Detail Page
  • Improved: Fine-tuning style for Downloadable product / Bundle product
  • Improved: Fine-tuning style for Account Dashboard (Log-in mode)
  • Improved: optimize Search box upon scrolling on both desktop and mobile screens
  • Fixed: Review tab on the Quickview
  • Fixed: [iPad] Product detail page broken layout on vertical mode
  • Fixed: [Mobile] the issue with links on minicart
  • Fixed: [Mobile] the slider issue of the tab (Hot books / Best Seller / Staff Picks) and improved performance when switching between tabs
  • Fixed: [Mobile] highlight the text box in Bundle Product
  • Improved: [Mobile] Optimize the padding of the Hot Books section
  • Improved: [Mobile] Optimize the user dashboard area
1.0.0 Stable
  • Compatible with Magento version 2.1.9, 2.2.0
  • Improved: integrate the latest UB Mega Menu ver1.0.8
  • Fixed: Missing pagination on the Sample demo page
  • Fixed: Thumbnail issues on the Product detail page
  • Fixed: Issue when hovering over the Add to Cart button on the Wishlist section
  • Fixed: Issue when adding multiple items into the Wishlist
  • Fixed: Toolbar navigation style issue when switching to next page.
  • Fixed: The Add to Cart icon issue of the Deals of The Week block
  • Fixed: The menu issue on the sample layout “Left+Content+Right” on IE
  • Fixed: The slideshow issue on the Microsoft Edge browser
  • Fixed: [Ipad] The Update button overlaps when click to edit item in the minicart
  • Fixed: [Ipad] Sign in button issue on the Checkout for guest page
  • Fixed: [Ipad] The right sidebar issue on the Sample Left+Content+Right layout
  • Fixed: [mobile] Text alignment issue on the Checkout page
  • Improved: [mobile] Implement Shop By overlay for better product filtering
  • Fixed: [mobile] Padding issue of the New Product section
  • Fixed: [mobile] Add To Cart button issue
  • Fixed: [mobile] Custom tab style issue
1.0.4 Beta
  • Integrate UB ThemeHelper, with revamped codebase for the whole theme.
1.0.3 Beta
  • Compatible with Magento version 2.1.4, 2.1.5
  • Fixed: Style issue with Add to cart button on Quickstart without extension
  • Fixed: Product style on My Wishlist section
  • Fixed: Optimise style for Customized product
  • Fixed: Optimise style for Downloadable product
1.0.2 Beta
  • Compatible with Magento version 2.1.3
  • Fixed: [desktop-xmas] style issue on Xmas store
  • Fixed: Style issue with new product on xmas store
  • Fixed: [desktop] Adjust Top menu on screen 1280px
  • Fixed: [2.1.3] Fix style issue on bundle product’s quick view popup
  • Fixed: [2.1.3][desktop] slider image issue on quickview popup
  • Fixed: [2.1.3][deskyop] Popup quickview does not show when loading out-of-stock product
  • Fixed: [2.1.3][desktop] Does not show deals of the week block
  • Fixed: [2.1.3][desktop] Missing Add to cart button
  • Fixed: [213][desktop] Top menu style issue on 1280 screen
  • Fixed: [213][desktop] Update Add to cart and Quickview buttons alignment
  • Fixed: [213][desktop] Add to cart button issue on product wishlist
  • Fixed: [213][desktop] Missing featured product on WEEK’S BIGGEST BOOK of the Top menu
  • Fixed: [2.1.3][mobile] Notification style issue
  • Fixed: [2.1.3][mobile] Update style for Add to cart
  • Fixed: [2.1.3][desktop] Notification style issue on Product compare page
  • Removed Prefix from “ub_bookshop” to “bookshop” in the theme folder
1.0.1 Beta
  • Compatible with Magento version 2.1.2
  • Upgrade the latest modules UB Mega Menu, UB Content Slider
  • Compatible with Magento version 2.1.2
  • Improved: Styles for Product Pages (Bundle Product, Configurable Product, Downloadable product, Grouped Product, Simple product).
  • Improved: Styles for Product List (5 columns, 6 columns, No Sidebar, Sidebar Left, Sidebar Right, Left + Content + Right).
  • Fixed:[desktop] Menu issue on checkout page
  • Fixed:[mobile] Menu issue on checkout page
  • Fixed:[desktop] Add-to-cart style issue in quickview popup
  • Fixed: Add style for Default Magento Error Notification
  • Fixed: Fix sample product demo link for Downloadable Products and group products
  • Fixed: Thumbnail issue on product quickview
  • Improve: responsive optimisation to support seamlessly all devices.
1.0.0 Beta
  • Initial release

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