UB Theme Helper – New Magento 2 Theme Customization Tool – Has Arrived!

June 28, 2017 Update: Check out the first batch of our M2 themes packaged with UB Theme Helper:
-- UB MegaMall
-- UB Bookshop
-- UB Mago

People don’t judge a book by its cover, do they?

They do. It’s just the way it is.

The saying applies to much more than just books, especially when it comes down to a Magento-based store. Unique and attractive design has always played a key role that increases the perceived value of your products and make your store seem more trustworthy.

It’s the truth; your online store design matters. However, what is an easy and fast way to control over the look, content and functionality of your Magento store?

That’s the reason we come up with UB Theme Helper -- a Magento 2 theme setting panel that sets you free from the basic theme customizing method: editing source files. You have full management over detailed basis via a friendly interface. It allows you to make small and large adjustments to every page in your chosen theme.

UB Theme Helper Introduction

What does UB Theme Helper support at core?

UB Theme Helper is engineered to bring the best out of Magento 2 theme. It comes with options to change common elements of your Magento 2 store with ease, from adjustment of the colors of fonts, background image, to adding custom CSS, custom tabs or product labels … anything that allows you to style the Magento 2 storefront.

Some screenshots below will demonstrate some of the capabilities of the Magento 2 Theme Configuration Panel, included with each of our Magento 2 themes.

A truly themable Homepage:

Flexible customisation with ThemeHelper

UB ThemeHelper brings you great flexibility in Magento 2 theme customization

Personalize your product grid and List view:


Personalize your Magento 2 Product Grid and List view

And don’t skip the Product detail page:


Control your product page with ease

A closer look into UB Theme Helper

UB Theme Helper -- Theme Overview:

UB ThemeHelper Overview

UB ThemeHelper Overview

UB Theme Helper -- Theme Typography Settings:

UB Theme Helper Typography

UB Theme Helper Typography

UB Theme Helper -- Theme Color Settings:

UB Theme Helper Color Settings

UB Theme Helper Color Settings

UB Theme Helper -- Category View Settings:

UB Theme Helper Category View Settings

UB Theme Helper Category View Settings

UB Theme Helper -- Product View Settings:

UB Theme Helper Product View Settings

UB Theme Helper Product View Settings

Theme Customization:

UB Theme Helper Customisation

UB Theme Helper Customisation


From now onward, all of our Responsive Magento 2 themes will have UB Theme Helper as core feature bringing you great flexibility in theme customization.

Here comes the first two Magento 2 themes which we are working on to include this awesome feature:

If you are using our Magento 2 themes (in the list below) that we have shipped before, stay tuned for further update. They’re all now in the queue for integration.

Hope you enjoy!

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