Homepage not responsive?

I’m concerned, that this theme is supposed to be responsive, yet when I view the site, I seem to lose half te page when I’m on a tablet?

I have the slideshow, but only two boxes where there should be 6? And the two it’s chosen to display are off center and look weird.

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Profile photo of Saguaros 0.00 $tone August 25, 2014

Hi Jim,

Did you customize something on this JM Slideshow extension? as I can see that it doesn’t render correct width/height for slide item in tablet.

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I checked the backend settings of JM Slideshow extension and see that you don’t set the width for main slide item for tablet / tablet portrait. That is why it doesn’t show. I just set for it, kindly take a look.

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Yes, I would actually love it if all the blocks showed up on the ipad! I use the ipad frequently and I think the screen (even on a mini I have here also) is big enough that all the blocks should be okay to stay visible in landscape mode.

I’m happy for them not to show on the iPhone as I know the screens are too small -- I’ve rearranged the blocks so my important block will stay visible.


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