How to adjust menu item to right?

The logo and the menu item mix together. How to move the menu item to right?

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Profile photo of tomc 0.00 $tone December 11, 2013

Here’s one way you can do it . . . .

Within file path --> /stfarc/skin/frontend/default/jm_crafts/joomlart/jmmegamenu/css/jmmegamenu.css
at line 1, modify the "margin" property as follows (for example):


.jm-megamenu {
    margin-left: 325px;
    padding: 0;

Save Changes … Clear Cache … Refresh Page

Does that achieve a result along the lines of what you were thinking?

Profile photo of Victor Lai 0.00 $tone December 14, 2013

Hi TomC,

Thanks for your clear guidance. But now I facing another new problem, which is:

1) I would like to move the "vertical tinny bar" between the company logo’s character "O" and "n" to the right, just after the last character "a". (

2) I also want to make the height of the remaining "vertical tinny bar" and the "My Cart" part longer a bit so that it suit the horizontal bar below the company logo.

Hope forum staff and admin can help me too.

Thanks in advanced.

Profile photo of tomc 0.00 $tone December 17, 2013

It looks as though you already took care of the "divider" adjacent to your logo.

However, due to the "toggle" and dropdown function of the left icons, doing the same will require modifying at least six or so CSS rules to get it to display correctly -- otherwise, just increasing the height of those dividers results results in unsightly overlap when the toggle and dropdown functions are activated.

A solution might be to slightly decrease the dimensions of your logo image -- perhaps by approximately 15-2o pixels in height (proportionately with width, of course) -- and then slightly decreasing the height of the overall header section so that those dividers are more flush -- as they are with the one next to your logo.

make sense?


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