Customer login not working after migrations.

We have migrated the customers from M1 to M2 using Uber data migration lite tool. After migration migrated customers can’t able to login in M2 website.
Tried with this command but nothing work,
php -f bin/magento customer:hash:upgrade
The customer password hash value of both the M1(md5) and M2(sha-256) are same it should differ because of both the version using different password algorithm.
Kindly let us know your valuable thoughts.

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Hi Ram,
It seems you used our old script on Github which we no longer maintained. It uses old codebase which might lead to unexpected issues that’s beyond scope of our support.
I highly recommend you take a look at our newer version here. Not only it comes with revamped codebase, you can make use of brand new features like delta migration, Command-line interface etc., It helped many users migrate M1 data to M2 successfully, a few to name here and here
An Nguyen

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Hi An Nguyen.
Thanks for your reply. We are planning to buy the uber theme pro version also. But we are testing the customer migration in our dev server once it’s working as expected with no issues then we will go with PRO versions. So kindly guide as to fix the customer login issues. Thanks in advance.

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Hi Ram,
As the old version on Github was outdated, we no longer provide technical support for this version. 
It will save you pretty much time when moving forward with our Pro version. If you still have concern, I highly recommend you take a look at these two migration projects here and here to learn more about our Pro version.
Thanks for your understanding.
An Nguyen


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