duplicate entry in cataloginventory_stock_item

after using your tool i have migration Item (Magento\Catalog\Model\Product\Interceptor) with the same ID “##” already exists ,
i had to delete all duplicated entries from DB manual but i have noticed some thing else this happen only with products that have been imported with migration  but if i import new items i can do many other import or update , so this mean that there is some thing wrong or missed that cause error when trying to update old products which have been created with your migration  tool
please till me that you have already solution for my case

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Hi Mahmoud,
May I know whether you’re using the Lite version or the old script on Github?
We no longer maintain the outdated Github version. Also due to our limited resources, the Lite version is mainly maintained for testing purpose only (this is available for Magento 2.0.7 only). If you want to make a test migration with the Lite, please proceed on a fresh Magento 2.0.7 instance, then the duplicated entry issue should not be in place.
Anyway, I highly recommend you consider moving forward with our Pro version, as it will save you pretty much time.
In case you missed, you can take a look at these case studies to learn more about our Pro version: 

An Nguyen 


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