This statement on your site is confusing.

In love with UB Data Migration Pro?
UB Data Migration Pro is packed in the following Magento themes.
You show a price of $399 for UB Data Migration Pro but then say it comes with themes priced less than $140.
What am I missing?
Also, do you have a theme that operates like where the shopping cart is fixed on the page and updates the cart without refreshing the page?

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Profile photo of ubdev Staff 44220.00 $tone February 7, 2019

Hi Greg Ricks, 
Thanks for contacting us. 
Actually, the UB Data Migration Pro is a standalone extension which need separate purchase. We’re sorry for the unexpected confusion regarding our migration tool.
Regarding your question about the theme with a fixed cart, we’re afraid we do not have that feature in place. 
We have a few M2 themes here, please take a look to see if you can find one that fits you where you can customize further to meet your need.  
PS. We’re now having a National 7-Day Festival event through this week. We do have technical team on duty to follow up the technical support, however it will take us a bit longer to follow up with you in case you reach us during this time. We’re sorry for this unexpected circumstance and the delay caused due to this festive time. 
Ubertheme team


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