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Hi, I would like to know how custom data created by code customization in Magento 1 is dealt on this tool.
Say I have created a new product field A created by a custom module. How this tool knows where to place the new product Field A in the Magento 2 db?

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Hi Pablo, 
At present, our migration tool supports core and custom attributes for Product, however to use these custom attributes, you need to check if your 3rd extensions are available for Magento 2. For customers, we support core system attributes only, the custom fields for sales data are not handled yet. 
This is partialy because in default Magento 2 such custom fields do not exist. Further for those added manually or via third-party extensions, it would be best to leave such custom fields handled by the associated extensions, intead of separately migrating those.
Hope that helps.
An Nguyen 

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Thank you. So if I was buying your tool, what would I have to do to export data that is created by custom modules? Would I need to create my own export/import scripts? 

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Hi Pablo,
Actually, our migration tool mainly focuses on the Magento’s core data, as indicated in our product page here. The data created by 3rd extensions (except for the custom attributes mentioned in my previous reply) is beyond scope of our tool.
It’s safe and better to check if the extensions you intend to use are ready for M2 or not, instead of migrating these separately.
Hope that helps.
An Nguyen

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Thanks, can you clarify and give more details on the info on your website? 
Migrate products: what fields, images, product variants, related cross-sell/upsell products, supported product types..
Migrate Categories: Same. Which fields, do you import images ect..
Migrate Customer Groups and Customers: Do you migrate passwords? 
Do you migrate product and categories URLs to preserve SEO? 
What about product, categories, orders, customers and orders custom fields? 
What about shopping cart rules? 
Would you import all the different store languages? 
Do you export search terms?
Do you export whishlists? 
Do you export newsletters subscribers?
Do you export CMS pages?
Do you export Static Blocks? 

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Hi Pablo, 
To learn more about what the core data will be migrated to Magento 2, please take a look at this blog post (the screenshots of each steps will reveal which data will be ported to M2).
Our migration tool makes no change to categories or products’ URLs structure. It ports important fields in Categories & Products, including meta description, page title, URL key, so your category and product pages SEO optimisation remains reserved in Magento 2.
All passwords will be migrated over automatically, your users don’t need to set new passwords.
To learn more about out migration tool, I highly recommend you take a look at two recent completed migration projects below, you will have more reference info to see if our tool is a good fit for you: 

An Nguyen


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