Set Your Magento Landing Page to Take Off

Only a few parts on your Magento page bears more influence on conversion than your landing page. In here lies the portal to your specific call-to-action (CTA), be it promoting conversions or simply getting your visitors to sign-up.

Contrary to regular homepages, landing pages are rather simple and more direct. By reducing the details that are usually found on a homepage such as the company profile and contact information, your Magento page get streamlined into what really matters -- conversions.

Several successful companies have effectively made use of landing pages. Lead generation statistics show that 68% of B2B businesses use landing pages to garner future conversions. To explain how to effectively optimize your Magento landing page and set it to a grand take off, take note of these pointers.

Effective Magento Landing Page

1. Use landing pages more often than your homepage

Whether you are promoting your Magento store on campaign-specific pages, paid advertising pages, pages linked to marketing campaigns, or your product pages, use the link to your landing page instead of a homepage.

Aside from increasing traffic, promoting your social media pages, and displaying your store’s vital information, homepage does little compared to the more direct approach of your landing page. When you have a clear CTA promotion, reduce the competition in your visitor’s attention. For one thing, they do not need to find out your twitter page when your priority is to sell an item.

Further, a customer arriving from a campaign ad, targeted search term or promotional e-mail is more likely to expect seeing related posts about your products or services. Getting on a rather unrelated page about company information when they desire to check on a specific product will most likely lead to a bounce. A visitor clicking on a link is more inclined to express interest in a certain offer – the kind of visitor that is more likely to bring your conversions. Hence, hold your visitor’s focus with a clear call-to-action page using your landing page.

2. Successful landing pages demand consistency

Your Page Title, Meta Description and URL are the doorways to catch your potential visitor’s attention. Ensure that what your visitors see on the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) is consistent to what they get on your landing page. Read here for tips on this regard.

Same holds true with paid ads. Make your point clearer and improve conversion by reiterating your CTA. As often as possible, ensure consistency in your campaigns to what your visitors find in your landing pages.

3. Design an effective landing page

And this doesn’t demand rocket science! Begin your consideration with your CTA. As it has been established, landing pages is mostly beneficial for establishing your goal towards conversion. With that in mind, make sure your landing page makes it easy for your visitors to respond by considering these pointers:

Strong imagery:
The use of good images on visitors (with the intention of either purchasing or simply checking on the product) requires quality visuals. Your landing pages on product promotion must good quality imagery. Another way to optimise your images is by using meta tags to help step up on search engine rankings.

Limit elements:
Especially those interactive elements that can possibly take visitors off the page. Remember: you’ve already invested a good deal of money on campaign ads to get your visitors to your landing page. Interactive links only gets them elsewhere upon arrival. If a link doesn’t gets your visitor closer to your goal, strip it out by all means. Remember, even simple footers and navigations may be distracting to your visitors.

More tips:
Do not risk your conversion in a guessing game. Use tried and tested templates. There are other methods to make your landing page take off. Use A/B testing to figure out a good landing page from a variety of versions you have in mind. After which, gradually build your templates based on the quality performing elements you have gathered along the way. Collate and analyse data using analytics providers, Google Analytics being the top choice.

Sample landing page

Here is a sample template to learn from. The layout below is by no means comprehensive but definitely something to consider.

Anatomy of An Effective Landing Page

Anatomy of An Effective Landing Page

Let’s take a look at these notable features for a second:

1. The headline
You can insert here a quick tag line for your company. By quick, I meant no-more-than-5-words-one-liner-catchy-phrase quick. See to it that takes the biggest font and will be what captures your visitors’ attention at first glance.

A good way to create a lingering impact on your visitors’ attention is via taglines. Also, make sure that the tag line next to your logo quickly explains how their positive response to your CTA benefits them. To enhance this feature, choose the shortest yet more effective tag line you can come up with.

2, 3. Quick information about what you can offer

Okay. So this may come off a little redundant. But since your target demographics may not be too familiar with your unique services, you may choose to incorporate a quick information with the goal of building rapport. This is highly suggested ONLY when your CTA is for signing up or you are selling long term services.

For conciseness and clarity, you may choose to list your product and services information in bullet form rather than a paragraph.

4. Testimonial

This builds your company’s reliability while not having to be too tacky on company information. Adding a testimonial from a rather trusted name or company helps do just that. You may also further optimize this feature by adding a photo of your endorser next to his testimony.

5, 6. Call to action (CTA)

This is the most important part of your landing page. Feel free to save this template right now and use it as an inspiration for your landing page. Yes, NOW!

A short, well-organized form with good copy, bright call to action and a sublime arrow to point them to the right direction – your ultimate CTA. BRAVO!

7. Promotion image or video

Although not always necessary, adding an attractive image or quick promotional video helps a lot to with the catchiness of your taglines. It gets your company name stick to your visitors’ head.

Here’s a simple caveat: For videos, remember, though, to make sure it plays on the same page. Never let a link navigate your visitors away from your landing page.

8. Extra necessary links

So it has been laid out in the previous paragraphs to take it easy on promoting extra features. However, if these features connect with the reader and are very effective at getting across the benefits of the product, why not? Many find it effective to add small, undistracting icons for their social media links.

9. Landing page length and width

Different from a regular homepage, your landing page is more effective with the absence of navigation bars. As much as possible, make sure everything fits in one page.


Creating an effective landing page needs a thorough knowledge of your conversion strategy. Landing pages must be directly linked in places where possible visitors are found. Once there, remember to be concise, direct, and free of any unnecessary distracting links. Further, make sure your CTA is effectively laid out in the most visible and inviting manner. Lastly, make sure to regularly track the performance of your landing pages and along with proper studies and experiments. Remember what you are doing this for -- the bread and butter of your Magento page -- your conversions!

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