Review of 2012

Gangnam, Obama, Syria, Greece, Israel, London, Hurricane, NASA, Whitney Houston, Gunmen, space jump, God particle and a lot more keywords to summarize 2012. For us in 2012 the keyword was responsive design as most of our work has been impacted by RWD.

Review of 2012

What happened to Magento?

We have upgraded all our 32 magento themes to the latest version and added all the themes to the magento marketplace. With Neros as our first responsive Magento theme, ecommerce sites are now accessible for mobile devices, too.

2012 was just the beginning of responsive design, it will become mainstream as indicated by mashable in their blog post about web design trends for 2013.

A short Outlook for 2013

  • Improve customer support and customer experience
  • Reach the humble bundle goal
  • End of life of some templates and extensions

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