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Today, I am honored to have Roel van Leuken, the Founder and CTO of Kwaaijongens B.V. Roel is a helpful and down-to-earth person. He has been working with Magento when it was brand new in the early days.

In the interview, Roel has shared his views in details about how his team at took advantage of Data Migration Pro extension to overcome the biggest challenge -- Magento data migration. So let’s read along and find out more about his journey with Magento.

Magento 2 data migration case study


Brief for your Magento 2 data migration project
We started working with Magento when it was brand new in the early days. We are a small firm and only had some 20 clients or so which ran Magento. No fancy high-end things here, plain Magento.

Clients simply asked us to migrate their installations to 2.x. We needed to keep form and function intact as much as possible.


Ubertheme Ultimate Module did the trick
The end-of-life of Magento 1.x urged us to start converting to Magento 2. We knew the big issue was the database migration. Templating required some ‘digging in’ but the database model was the challenge.

We only used Data Migration Pro. That did the trick. Templates were bought and converted.


The extension took the hard part out of our work
Without Data Migration Pro we wouldn’t have done this migrations ourselves. It’s that simple. This tool took the really hard part out of our work.

Therefore, I can really advice everybody to give UB Data Migration Pro a try. It is like magic. All my data migration ran without errors. Even some fairly complex and big databases, with numerous (complex) articles.

(Download full Case Study here)

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