UB One Step Checkout is Now Part of Magento 2 Extension Bundle

We are excited to announce that UB One Step Checkout is now part of Magento 2 Extension Bundle.

By subscribing to this ultimate Magento 2 Extensions Bundle, you get access to all of our premium Magento 2 extensions at a hugely discounted price. And this offer is only for a limited time!

For just $399 you receive $1065 worth of premium Magento 2 extensions. That’s 63% off our standard price!

And what’s more, with this bundle you get a premium Magento 2 theme for free.

What is in the box?

As an Magento 2 Extension Bundle customer, you instantly gain access to all of 5 primary extensions from our core Magento 2 collection, including:

What is not included?

The Magento 2 Extension Bundle and UB Data Migration Pro are sold and priced as a single product. You receive substantial discount for the ultimate bundle already. If you are buying UB Data Migration Pro, you will need to buy it separately.

Can I request a refund?

No refunds are allowed for Magento 2 Extension Bundle.

This is highly discounted bundle and therefore not covered by refund policy. You may buy the products individually through our product pages for availing 7 days refunds.

What about support and updates?

Purchasing Magento 2 Extension Bundle grants you a 1-year updates and technical support for all included extensions. As long as your subscription remains active, we will provide extension support at no additional charge.

If you decide not to renew the bundle subscription, you may still use the extensions but you will not receive updates or support once the subscription expires.

How many sites/products can I use these extensions on?

The purchase of this bundle grants a single site license for every extension included. That means you can install the extension on a single Magento 2 instance at any time. For testing purpose, the extensions included in Magento 2 Extension Bundle can be installed on development / staging / testing environments (for instance: dev.yourdomain.com, staging.yourdomain.com, or testing.yourdomain.com)

 Grab The Bundle

If you have any questions about the bundle or the extensions, you can submit a pre-purchase question here or send us an email at info (at) ubertheme.com.

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