How to submit a ticket/question on UberTheme

Hi Magento folks,

As announced earlier, we have recently moved our operations to domain from our old home at JoomlArt and we are working hard to make the transition as smooth as possible.

This week we have moved all the forum questions from JoomlArt to UberTheme Question section and we are going to disable the Magento forum section at JoomlArt. To help you get acquainted with our new supporting system, here is the detail guide on how to submit a ticket/question on Ubertheme -- Magento theme club. Please follow the steps below.

For inactive account

First you need to activate your account via this link: then follow the steps below.

For active account

Step 1: Login to your account at UberTheme.

Step 2: Start to submit your question.

All of your questions will be listed at our Question Archive.

For further information, just refer to our Support policy.

Feel free to comment below if you have any other questions or feedback. I would be glad to help you out.



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  • Shahnawaz Sayyad

    Arvind you guys are doing good job.. keep it up.

    • Thanks Shahnawaz.

    • Richard

      I agree but anyway have a better platform. so far I can not see the benefits of this change

  • arnoldwender

    You guys did something wrong… almost all the answers in the forum are just showing a portion of text, the rest is missing, very bad for future reference…

    • Can you give me more details on what is missing, Arnoldwender? I’ve checked and all the threads look good in read-only mode.

      • arnoldwender

        Check my threads in the Lingerie forum, almost all of my answers are just showing some characters and the rest is gone… cheers!

        • I’ve checked and the only thing that gone missing is the file attachments in your post. But the texts in your answers still look fine. Can you give us a screenshot of your issue for further detection? Thanks.

          • arnoldwender

            It looks that it’s solved now, great!

  • Richard

    I can’t upload my screenshot or show a link to my picture in the post.

    • Hi Richard,
      The system doesn’t support file attachment at present. You can paste your image link into the editor field instead 🙂