[Beta2] UB Page Builder extras module: more styles and features

Hi guys,

UB Page Builder extras update is here. The new version -- Beta 2 includes following major updates:

  • More product styles for UB Product
  • Heading content type support
  • Back-end settings improvement
  • And bug fixes

UB Page Builder Extras is a Magento 2 module that helps create custom content types to enhance your pages using Magento Page Builder using pre-made appearances, styles, and advanced control options to customize the content display your ways.

New updates in Beta 2

1. UB Products -- 3 more product styles

Show your product list in smart layouts, beautiful design to engage your shop audience and maximize the conversion.

In Beta 2, we support 3 more styles for product display. In total, the module supports 6 product styles.

Uber magento page builder extras module product styles

2. Heading content type

Magento 2 Page Builder: In the core Page Builder > Heading content type only supports standard options and does not support settings for margin, padding on Tablet and Mobile viewports.

UB Page Builder Extras module: Add more advanced controls option for the core Heading content type including:

  • Supports multiple heading styles for users to select
  • Creating sub-heading with inline wysiwyg editor
  • Settings for padding, margin on different viewports: Desktop, Tablet, Mobile

Multiple styles supported by default

Uber magento page builder extras module heading content

Easy configuration

Uber magento page builder extras module heading setting

3. Back-end updates

UB Page Builder Extras module is easy to use based on built-in options that helps you build beautiful custom content blocks without touching any code file.

In Beta 2 version, we updated:

  • The configuration fields are updated to visualize the settings better.
  • Option to show/hide Category info with link to category page for normal product listing item and featured product
  • Option to show/hide product’s short description, and set description length for both product listing and featured product

Uber magento page builder extras module setting

4. Improvements and bug fixes

During the development, we did unit test, review coding to optimize the codebase. We also fixed style issues on responsive layouts.

5. More content types to be supported (in our roadmap)

  • Categories content type: create categories listing block with multiple layout & styles
  • UB Hotspot: to create hotspot content blocks with highlight information on banner image (product image).
  • And more

Demo. Download. Install

Note: This beta release is for testing only. Do not use it for production.

Live Demo Free Download

Back-end demo:

Access back-end demo: Click here
Username: pagebuilder
Password: pagebuilder@123

Quick install instruction:


UB Page Builder Extras is native with Magento 2.4.3 and later. Please make sure your system meets the Magento 2 System requirements: here.

2. Manual Installation Steps:

NOTE: If your deploy mode is production, you need to switch to Developer mode first (optional). Open your Terminal window, go to Magento 2 directory and run the command below:

php -f bin/magento deploy:mode:set developer

Step 1. Unzip the download package somewhere on your local PC. Then copy the ‘app’ directory and paste (with merge) into root directory of your Magento 2

Step 2. Open your terminal and go to the Magento directory. In this directory, run the following commands:

php -f bin/magento module:enable Ubertheme_PageBuilderExtras
php -f bin/magento setup:upgrade
php -f bin/magento setup:di:compile

Once you finish the last command, you have the UB Page Builder Extras module installed and ready for your use.

Roadmap and stable version release schedule

At this stage, the team is still focusing on the development for the extension core features, so there is no fixed date for the stable release and product pricing yet.

Product feature roadmap:

1. Categories listing:

Build categories listing blocks with multiple layout & styles supported by default and advanced options to show/hide category info: category thumb, category name, total of products

2. UB Products

  • Improve UI for the admin form for more visual and friendly.
  • Support more appearances (layouts), product styles, and featured product styles.

3. UB Hotspot

To create hotspot content blocks with highlight information on banner image (product image).

4. And there would be more. We are working on the plan.

You can request content type and feature in our forum

Request feature and content type

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