Magento PWA and Venia Storefront: Work-in-progress Demo

Aug 13, 2020 Update: UB PWA Mega Menu v1.1.9 is fully compatible with Magento PWA Studio v.7.0.0.
Jan 10, 2020 Update: We have released UB PWA Mega Menu v1.1.8 that helps you build a flexible mega menu on top of Magento PWA Studio. It uses GraphQL, React & other technologies as part of PWA Studio stack. Check out the features & demo here

You may have heard about the Magento PWA before, read Magento’s announcement about it’s PWA priority, or awaited for a chance to get your hands on the Magento PWA … It is now time for you to start playing with it.

You can get started with our demo shop below which was built fully on Magento PWA Studio (beta). While this demo remains a work-in-progress and does not offer full PWA functionality yet, you can explore as a way of getting used to the Magento PWA frontend functionalities and possibilities of Venia Storefront.

Before heading to the live demo, you can have a quick glance at some of the pwa pages:

Magento PWA - Category Page

Magento PWA -- Category Page

Magento PWA - Main Menu

Magento PWA -- Main Menu

Magento PWA - Product Detail Page

Magento PWA -- Product Detail Page

Magento PWA - Shopping Cart

Magento PWA -- Shopping Cart

Magento PWA - Checkout Page

Magento PWA -- Checkout Page

 Open PWA Demo Store

It’s important to note that this is an early development release of Magento PWA Studio, you might find bugs here and there. However, you can expect that Magento PWA is changing quickly and becoming more mature with regular new updates. For any issues or questions I would recommend you head to the PWA Studio Github repository.

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