Infographic: 5 reasons for upgrading to Magento 1.8

The latest Magento 1.8 version has been released, which also brings us the issue of upgrades to enjoy the benefits the new version brings. To make it simpler we have come up with a simple infographic highlighting the benefits of upgrading to the all new Magento 1.8.

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For complete list of features and changelogs, check out the official release notes.

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1. Improved performance

If you have noticed bugs in Magento 1.7, you are likely not to see them again in Magento 1.8. There are up to 350 fixed bugs in Magento 1.8, and this is quite an impressive amount for any upgraded version! It is promising that while running on Mageno 1.8, your store can perform faster with less resource consumed and more powerful management over a huge number of items involved.

2. More accurate Tax calculation

Tax calculation troubled some users in Magento 1.7, though it is intensively important for an e-store to have an accurate tax calculation. Magento team has taken a significant step in improving the taxation system in Magento 1.8. I would say this is the most important improvement. Now you are armed a much more accurate tax calculation without the rounding errors. No more annoying errors in tax calculating for discount items or bundle pricing as well.

3. Enhanced checkout process

Quick, fast and accurate checkout process would bring down the dropout rate of your store. With Magento 1.8, the checkout process is mightily enhanced with higher speed of page loading and less cached pages. PayPal integration is boosted up as well. Moreover, the checkout process is also improved to handle a large number of items at the same time.

4. Stronger protection with security reinforcement

Security in Magento 1.8 got enhanced as well. Like a severely move against attackers, Magento 1.8 protects users right from the registration. You will have better password and information storage along with improved cryptographic methods.

5. Better Administrative Ordering

In Magento 1.8, you can manage all the orders fiercely in your back-end. You can create, view, cancel any order and put it directly to customers’ latest order list at ease.

Responsive Magento themes compatible with Magento 1.8

We are not behind either in bringing Magento 1.8 support for our members. We have been working on upgrading our responsive Magento themes for Magento 1.8 compatibility and the first upgraded batch is out already while more are coming soon:

  • Bookshop -- responsive Magento theme for bookstores
  • Gamestore -- responsive Magento theme for Games & Entertainment sites
  • Crafts -- responsive Magento theme for handmade shops
  • Monsieur -- responsive Magento theme for menswear stores
  • Sporty -- responsive Magento theme for sport and fitness stores
  • Hawkstore -- responsive Magento theme for skates and accessories shops
  • Lingerie -- responsive Magento theme for lingerie stores


Before upgrading, please take complete backup and make sure that all the extensions are Magento 1.8 compatible.

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